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Video: Kobe, Lebron & Santa (KRS-One) – Dunking on Reindeer

Another Nike MVPuppets commercial ft. Kris.

Previously: Kobe, Lebron & Santa (KRS-One) vs. Blitzen (Lupe Fiasco)

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13 Responses to “Video: Kobe, Lebron & Santa (KRS-One) – Dunking on Reindeer”

  1. Gseven Says:

    Kris and Lupe both sleighing it. dope!

  2. rocstar Says:

    1:57 minute mark looks like a puffy daddy/mase video

  3. SkinDeepMTL Says:

    “Dunking on da Reindeer” LOl shit is classic

  4. Idi_Amin Says:

    this is the best one yet…shit is hillarious

  5. MVPuppets: Dunking On Reindeer (ft. KRS-One, Lupe Fiasco) « STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA Says:

    […] MVPuppets: Dunking On Reindeer (ft. KRS-One, Lupe Fiasco) Source: Nahright […]

  6. PHD Says:


  7. wow Says:

    1:38 thats a nas song cept they are say the game is over…..nas says the bridge is over.

    song destroy & rebuild.

  8. Blacklion Says:

    Nas got it from KRS ONE

    KRS-One was doing the bridge is over back in 1986 – 87? maybe sooner than that

  9. yoo Says:

    @wow wtf you talking about nas got that from KRS-1 (the bridge is over) (and nas is my fav rapper)

  10. mugzi22 Says:

    Best commercial i’ve seen all year

  11. phatosas Says:

    This shit is creative.

  12. isajeep Says:

    To whoever said that’s a Nas song, that’s actually a KRS song that might be older than you. Nas borrowed it from KRS/Boogie Down Productions. Watch the video and then read the history. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-alEhlHSzk


  13. thadoubleo.com Says:

    ^^^Thank you for schooling the kids on the BDP/KRS history.Much needed

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