Maxwell feat. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix)


Nas adds a verse to his BFF’s BLACKsummers’night track.

Premiered at Bono’s (RED)Wire, where you can buy it for $1. Or you could save that $ for a better charity.

Maxwell feat. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix) | Mediafire


Spotted @ HHNM


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15 Responses to “Maxwell feat. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix)”

  1. Leekss Says:


  2. clipseslaughterhouse Says:

    Somebody needa help NaS

  3. karim Says:

    there was no nas verse on the stream..

  4. karim Says:

    oh my’s there.

  5. BLESS Says:

    Maxwell and Nas…HOT!

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    […] Spotted @ nahright […]

  7. Maxwell feat. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix) « Mixtape Spotlight Says:

    […] Spotted @ nahright […]

  8. hl Says:

    This is dope.

  9. BEZ Says:

    Somebody, somewhere must know I’m feenin’ to hear some new Nasir.

    I finally dl that “As We Are” snippet yesterday. I can’t stand snippets, but I’m ready to hear that thought provoking ish.

    I’m trying to be patient with Jay Electhanukkah, but I done just about wore out “Exhibit C”. I listen to the damn song everyday.

    We need a online petition and a board for real……..

  10. MCB Says:


    Yes on all fronts.
    THis Nas verse is nice and he’s on that mature, ethical lyrical style, which I like. It shows diversity and where his heart/head are at. cannot wait for Jay Elect, mannnnnn i will be first in line for Distant and Jay’s eventualy release.

  11. BEZ Says:

    Oh, I’ll be damned, got a vid of Talib Kweli @ some party playing that new Blackstar jurnt ft. Jay Dogon & J. Cole.

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  13. MskittykattyMc Says:

    I lOVE IT!!!

  14. QUEENS Says:

    I FUCKING LOVE NAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Dying for new Nas shit!!!

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