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Slaughterhouse x Joey 6’1

First off, *dead* @ Joey 6’1. Double *dead* @ him actually being on a track with Royce 5’9. I’m about to start going by Es 5’7 3/4.

So I don’t know the name of this guy’s album, but these are all from it.

Joey 6’1 ft. Slaughterhouse – On My Grind Cousin | Mediafire


Joey 6’1 ft. Joe Budden – K.O. | Mediafire


Joey 6’1 ft. – Royce Da 5’9 – Puerto Rico | Mediafire


I know what you’re thinking and yes, that first one samples the Hov line. And of course Royce killed “Puerto Rico”, but a Joell feature might have made more sense given the title. Anyway, these beats are pretty tough, I wonder who did them.

Photo: Mel D. Cole

Previously: Joell Ortiz & Frequency – Road Kill (Mixtape)

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23 Responses to “Slaughterhouse x Joey 6’1”

  1. nation Says:

    holy shit, I thought this was a Joe Budden passion project

    say word this is a complete unrelated (but now related) rapper

  2. XIII Says:

    what the hell
    i seriously thought it would be Budden

  3. NovemberEnd Says:

    Joey 6’1

  4. a tribe called quest Says:

    joe 8’8 > joey 6’1

  5. thekid10705 Says:

    thekid 7’4=we both stink…who cares?

  6. Shooter Mcgavin Says:

    Shooter 6’2 > royce 5’9 > Es 5’7 3/4

  7. thehoodnerd Says:

    I thought this was a joke too.

  8. d Says:

    please fix the mediafire link for K.O., it links to puerto rico, thanks

  9. MoSS Says:

    I [MoSS] produced these, glad you like em

  10. BK JOE Says:

    thought “Joey 6’1” was Joell Ortiz being funny

  11. The Black Dr. House Says:

    You know a rapper is ill, when another ill rapper blatantly bites his lyrics…..
    Need Proof? (no pun intended)

    Royce’s verse blantantly biting Em’s verse from “No One’s Iller Than Me”


    (check the 2:10 mark)

    I love Royce but you gotta at least give a shoutout to Em for the citation; otherwise, that’s plagiarism fam!! I’m just saying

  12. CHILE ! Says:

    can sumbody please tell me wtf is a joey 6’1, dont get it

  13. Leave a Reply Says:

    @CHILE !

    can sumbody please tell me wtf is a joey 6′1, dont get it


    You DUMB FUCK.


  14. Rockabye Says:

    I’m about to start going by Es 5′7 3/4.


    Except they’re doing it by height, and you’re doing it by Taco Bell order.

  15. Ether Sutherland Says:

    these tracks>>>

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  17. niggazz Says:

    yo can some one tell m ewhere to find joey 6’1 verse on “on my grind cousin”????????? wtf!?!?!?!? i listened 2 it 4 times
    and couldent find it

  18. Nah Right » Video: Venus vs. Mars (JoeBuddenTV) Says:

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  19. Josh Says:

    I need a late pass…but FYI, Frequency produced “On My Grind”

  20. Joey 6′1 – 3 New Tracks Says:

    […] So I’ve been trying to figure out who the hell this dude is but who really cares. But  he is a upcoming reapper. He was able to get 3 new tracks with the Slaughterhouse guys on here and they make these tracks FIRE. Check it out. Props to NR. […]

  21. Bcris Says:

    this guy is wack…….guaranteed Joell Ortiz told them to do a song with this guy……smh

  22. Bcris Says:

    Lol they did this song with dude so that they could have connections to a reggaeton guy if this dude actually earns money.

  23. pepe lopez Says:

    Dunno who this guy is but he’s made tracks with a bunch of known people in PR so someone is putting some money behind him

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