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Fluent ft. Royce Da 5’9 – Steady On The Grind


Not too familiar with this kid Fluent, but he held his own against 1/4 of The Machine.

Fluent ft. Royce Da 5’9 – Steady On The Grind

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10 Responses to “Fluent ft. Royce Da 5’9 – Steady On The Grind”

  1. hl Says:

    Who are these niggas??? Fluent? Did good rappers consistently work with unknown dudes back in the 90’s? I cant remember. I swear a cosign means nothing in 2009 cause these guys will do a song with anybody.

  2. Slumbilical Says:

    i can’t lie…fluent is a ill name. still, i don’t have room for new cats. so this gets a pass.

  3. Xiao Bizzle Says:

    Royce was one of my fave MC’s coming out of the Midwest and he killed this track. I am feeling it.

    I copped Fluents album on iTunes and the whole thing is real fresh, even had another track with Ya Boy on there. Keep spittin that ishhh

  4. MF DRO Says:

    this is some good stuff..keep doin it flu. definitely worth the listen.


    59 killed it! The other dude is cool. Thumbs up

  6. Big Leezy Says:

    Yo, you KNOW this shit is hot. For all you wanna be, stupid ass pieces of garbage, keep talking shit. Let’s see you do what this cat does. Flu is the freshest thing hitting the scene in a long time. Don’t fuckin hate.

  7. Falt Says:

    Solid track from my man Flu. Bringin back the old school. Check out Carolina to Queens on Y&R.

    Keep it coming!

  8. tobe Says:

    This is good yo! keep doing your thing fluent!

  9. newSkool Says:

    first line of the song “i’m not peaceful, i’m dyin’ to bardge in” that shows me this man is hungry. i checked the album on iTunes..it’s fresh and creative..f*#k the haters dog keep it up

  10. Sombody Just Tellin It Like It Iz Says:

    Flu been killin it for a long time, even since that Y & R shit in 04. I’m feelin this joint too though. Also know this nigga personally so if you see this Flu, keep that shit up my nigga, I see you. Roze

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