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Trina – Miss 305 (Mixtape)


Hosted by Mr. Peter Parked & Trina.

Hit the jump for the track list + download link.


Download: Trina – Miss 305 (Mixed by DJ Pain 1)

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18 Responses to “Trina – Miss 305 (Mixtape)”

  1. Smoke Greene Says:

    Constantly promoting your shitty blog on the blog that ’s your bread & butter is lame.

    But it’s Nation so that’s no surprise.

    But it’s really a stretch to believe that cats in the comment section would promote it too.

    Knock that shit off. You corny.

  2. killa Says:

    put up the new J Money & Yung LA mixtape, it’s fucking fire

  3. TheCo!!inB Says:

    *hi fives Kenyon Martin on GP*

  4. Beezy Says:

    imagine a nigga buying a house with some bum ass fucking loser-agent

    im copping my crib through sotheby’s…most likely at auction

  5. Smoke Greene Says:

    You life is truly worthless.

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    I buy my groceries through Sotheby’s

  7. TheCo!!inB Says:


  8. Beezy Says:

    i need to start paying someone to do my grocery shopping

    shits beneath me

  9. Smoke Greene Says:

    Talk amongst yourself.

  10. PsicoMagia Says:

    lol @ fredro vids w quality video n shitty sound…

  11. Beezy Says:

    trina is so much better looking than nikki minaj

  12. KzA Says:

    damn I need to get into the stock market..

    Pops cleaned up today i think

  13. PsicoMagia Says:

    trina is so much better looking than nikki minaj

  14. Chief Ali aka The One Who Stay Building Says:

    trina is so much better looking than nikki minaj


    thats ridiculous

  15. bolztothewolz Says:

    Nikki minaj’s flow > trina’s flow
    Nikki Minaj’s rack >>>>>>> Trina’s rack

  16. big chew Says:

    Saw this peter parker tape on thatcrack friday. they get all the tapes first now it seems. they definately got the inside lane . nahright got the scoops on all the new tracks props fam

  17. youz a lame aka you got ya daddies name Says:

    How much did Peter Parker pay to host this shit?

    Cash Money Record covers > this garbage ass cover

    the guy who made the cover musta been blind and deaf.

    Blind cause he got allowed to do this, and deaf cause no one told them this cover is BASURA=garbage!

  18. Pain Says:

    Peter Parker paid about $50,000 to host it and I kicked in $20,000 to mix it. The graphics ran us about $100,000 and were designed by Lil Wayne.

    You obviously know how the mixtape game works, anonymous hater.


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