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Video: A Day In The Life: DJ Neil Armstrong

Neon Gorilla presents A Day In The Life of DJ Neil Armstrong, the Official DJ of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Tour. The Neon Gorilla crew documented Neil during the tour’s stop in Toronto, which was also the official release day of our Ransom by Adidas Footwear Collection.

Take a look as he stops by the shop, the concert, afterparty, along with an interview.

via RansomHoldingCo.com


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21 Responses to “Video: A Day In The Life: DJ Neil Armstrong”

  1. Frank Says:

    mad funny to her this dork talk about “originality” and his dj name is neil armstrong… do you remember stretch armstrong, d-bag? and no one cares about your design aesthetic. you are a dj. play records and shut the f up. man hip hop is so fucking dead…

  2. Teef Says:

    ^ lame-ass fucktard. so the last part of his stage name just happens to be the same as another prominent DJ’s…so fucking what? They’re both the best at they do/have done, comparing them to each other is like comparing apples & oranges. Neil was and could never be a biter, Frank, you fucking idiot. And for you to insinuate that there’s some sort of correlation between Neil’s collaboration with a streetwear company and the death of hip-hop is a huge fail. Go play in traffic

  3. Frank Says:

    ^he is the father of your children? You like the taste of his babies?

    Biting is gay (just like you) and to have the same “stage name” as you put it, as another dj is biitng….

    so go and listen to your drake records and look at your multi colored dunks and enjoy your “creative” life.

  4. Teef Says:

    ^ so presumptuous, you fucking idiot. I don’t really favor Drake nor Dunks that are multi-colored. Stretch AND Neil’s contributions to hip-hop are undeniable, yet completely separate from each other. I bet if you ask them about each other, they’d have nothing but respect & admiration for each other’s accomplishments. You? You’re some piece of shit whose hater-ass opinion doesn’t matter in the least. Go slip & fall somewhere and have a severe concussion, asshat.

  5. Mr.1derful Says:

    Neil Armstrong is an Astronaut. Strecth Armstrong is a Toy Figurine. Frank is a Moron.

  6. Mr.1derful Says:

    Teef is a Pimp.

  7. Frank's Mom Says:

    Frank’s upset because he never made it out of the bedroom as a DJ. And he still wets the bed.

    So… Stonerokk and Paserock are biting each other? How about Vik One and OB One? You’re saying that just because a part of his stage name is the same as another DJ’s who has a whole different style of mixing, that he’s a biter?

    Frank, I know you were dropped on your head a lot when you were a baby… but your statements here are just plain ignorant… even for a retard.

  8. mrc Says:

    Frank’s just a Troll. A little kid with nothing better to do than be an online tough guy. Hope you feel safe behind your keyboard. Whats wrong, get beaten on during the day at school?

    On another note. Respect to anyone out there willing to put the effort into doing what they love, no matter what your name is.

  9. Maceo Says:

    Neil is a legend.. From mixtapes to Jay-Z tours.. Respect. And u fucktard Neil Armstrong is a NASA astronaut.. Also what gives you the power to knock someone.. Can you do what Neil does.. Prob not

  10. onevol73 Says:

    Frank…get a clue of what you talkin bout lil’ hommie. 5th Platoon NYC crew. Queens borough, NYC. *Roli Rho, I.E Merge, Kuttin Kandi, Daddy Dog, Neil, Vinroc, DoBoy* Google it. Don’t take things so literal son. If you can get beyond his name and do the research on all of his extensive mixes, maybe, just maybe, you will be a lil better schooled on the Neil’s craft and retract your statement. But matter of fact, maybe this culture is not for you and you can retreat in your dark melancholy bedroom at your mother’s house and listen to some death metal. It takes a special ear to appreciate Mr. Armstrong’s mixes and blends. Hate and be hated. Gas face given. Step.

  11. sarah Says:

    this is ridiculous.
    frank, if you’re even marginally educated on hiphop, youll know neils contributions to the culture and his history within it.
    you’re right though, one one gives a shit about his design aesthetic. your e-thug self was just too focused on hating on the dude’s accomplishments to realize he said he likes clean aesthetics. clean the wax outta your ears and really listen. maybe youll hear the originality and sincerity behind neil’s music. one of the few in the industry still doing it for the love not the money. anyone who’s been to a party of his or heard a mixtape of his knows this.

    by the way, its neil armstrong ‘cuz his folks named him after the astronaut. its a tribute to his roots and the people who raised him to be humble individual he is today. maybe youd understand if you grew up, stopped calling names and realized that negativity leaves you the jerk behind the computer tryna take stabs at the manny pacquiao of djing. happy holidays! :)

  12. J-RED Says:

    ^fakes ass guido house music loving 2min trans 5 more min of the same track and another 2min trans. Just kill urself. But b4 u do listen to all the OG mixtapes! Fag

  13. Kwrox Says:

    Frank, where’s your mixes? Or are you just a troll without a spine? Let’s listen and compare your shit. Looks like your jealous of another’s success. I don’t think “DJ Frank” is too original. Your point about design is interesting, so you don’t think hip hop has an influence on fashion? Nice job calling someone “gay” who does not agree with you, what are you 11?

  14. Frank Says:

    I appreciate your use of the word presumptuous.

    Eat a dick.

  15. Teef Says:

    no thanks. I dunno about hip-hop being dead, or dying, but if it is…you should trade places with it. You have no value whatsoever. go away

  16. djbrigidope Says:

    @frank. i believe the “armstrong” name is a pop culture reference. you ever heard of the astronaut? maybe not if all you do is lament the death of hip hop. only real djs can talk about real djs. are you a real dj? yes? post a file. no? chase a ball in to the street. do you do anything? or do you just watch people in the culture and talk smack? gtfoh.

  17. APES IN SPACE Says:

    these 2 faggs

  18. Mr.1derful Says:


  19. Craig V Says:

    Neil’s mixes extend WAYYY beyond Hip Hop. Check out Certified Majestic, or Extraordinary as two classic examples. Keep up the great work Neil. Those who know music know how talented you truly are!

  20. regend Says:

    my only beef with this whole thing is i feel Neil should be up front on the edge of the stage right next to Jay and he should get more air time. TV producers should learn how to turn up DJ mix so we can hear the DJ and all the glory. Neil is where he’s at because other DJ’s respect his work and people love his mixtapes. He has held respectable positions of employment for media conglomerates as well so he’s been deeply entrenched in the music industry for years. Respect to the 5th Platoon and peace to ATrack for his contribution with the Roc family. peace T Dot O Dot.

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