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Stat Quo – The Status Report (Mixtape)


Just finished today. Stat Quo’s Statlanta is on the way.

Hit the jump for the track list + download link.

Shouts to Sha Money XL.


Download: Stat Quo – The Status Report (Mixtape)

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10 Responses to “Stat Quo – The Status Report (Mixtape)”


    DJ Black Bill Gates & Stat Quo – The Status Report [Mixtape]…

    01. Another Level (Prod. by Sicknotes)
    02. Bitch Ass Nigga (Prod. by DJ Pain)
    03. Swaggin’ On The Beat (Prod. by Dub Z)
    04. Pharmacy (Prod. by Focus)
    05. What’s Happenin’ (The Status Report)
    06. Ballin’ Ft. Young Swift + JW of…

  2. jr Says:

    oh hai

  3. The Most MisUnderstood Man Says:

    Stat is finally getting his shine! That’s what’s up!

  4. Dashing Says:

    Quocity was dope. Stat Quo is the truth.

  5. - keka - Says:

    .. bout to check it out..
    hope its hot.. stat has been hit or mis latley…
    but, when he’s on its usualy fire!

    -hoping for the best :)

  6. KOA29 Says:

    Stat quo is so dope… i think it’s ridiculous wat interscope did to him which lead to him leaving Shady Records…but he still works with Dre, so atleast you know Dre still knows he’s dope as fuck.

  7. classical jun Says:

    Stat Quo!

    “Pissing on bitches got em thinkin its lemonade”

  8. BrokenEmpires Says:

    Yo, the other day I was driving around in Modesto, CA and they was playing Stat Quo. I been on Stat since the gate but I haven’t heard none of his shit in a while. I was hella trippin’ that they were even playing him. It was one of the “Hip-Hop” stations and all I heard was a verse but that shit had me trippin. idk.

  9. Stat Quo – The Status Report (Mixtape) « Random Acts of Fuckery Says:

    […] Just released today from Stat Quo, The Status Report. Props to Nah Right […]

  10. IN_SITE Says:

    ll he should get the shine gucci getting but he is speaking truth to da people and we dont want that

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