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Alley Boy – I’m Strapped


From his Definition of Fuck Shit mixtape with The Empire.

Alley Boy – I’m Strapped | Mediafire

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4 Responses to “Alley Boy – I’m Strapped”

  1. smh1212 Says:

    first time i ever see or hear of dude he is throwin up gang signs? not a good start for him…

  2. McRonnie Says:

    “Fuck Shit” ?

    Dude is a homo-thug

  3. marley montana Says:

    nigga dem E’s as in East Atlanta. Alley boy doin his thang down here. shit da whole DT

  4. bj dte Says:

    yallfuck niggas stupid alley boi wassup bitch duct tape run da A

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