Video: Snoop Dogg on Conan O’Brien

via Yardie

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5 Responses to “Video: Snoop Dogg on Conan O’Brien”

  1. Woodrow The Basehead Says:


    “Raekwon, i imagine it must have been like watching Bob Dylan work in his prime would be like. Raekwon came in, heard the music, got inspired and just sat down and started writing. He wrote like 20 verses, just like that, in 45 minutes. You could see him go into a different place. He was like a poet and everything that he says is so visual, such a story. His rhyme schemes are just insane.”

    Dan Auerbach – Black Keys


  2. KzA Says:

    ThunderDome did some coy shit like nibbled on my flank and stuck her tongue in my bellybutton. But when she brought her face onto my manhood that is when she started to change my world. She got at me like you see it go down in the pr0n flicks. This never ever happened to me before. Yes I’ve had my dick sucked you clowns. No I never had anyone toungue kiss my taint. I don’t even know what that shit is but ThunderDome knows what the fux it is and how it works. The rest of this drop is gonna be some of the realest shit I ever wrote on this page. ThunderDome grabbed my asscheeks and spread them open then she put her tongue in my dootchute. That shit made me make some kind of crazy noise like a dinosaur wearing a helicopter backpack. Its hard to describe suffice to say I was being freaked out.

    Dallas fuckin kills me…Im rollin

  3. a tribe called quest Says:

    # digital scales Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    I saw the bat signal

    –i must get going then

  4. S.I.C.K Says:

    *Steps On SoapBox*

    Any motherfucker who thinks a 5 foot 8,160lb chick is fat is either GAY,WHITE,HOMO,or has a exceptionally small penis.LOL Fuck it maybe ALL OF THE ABOVE.LOL

    A 110lb bitch could`nt make me buss.Too much ribs and skeleton and connective tissue showing.LOL

    My jawn is a size 10 in jeans 5 foot 8 and 160lbs.Small waist pretty face,FAT ASS!!!!

    I have no complaints at all.I`m content with my reality.

  5. The Killer Says:

    Damn, so getting your bunghole licked is what’s hot in the street right now? No wonder fucking Wayne is the most popular rapper

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