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Video: Fabolous Dropping New Mixtape On Christmas

via MTV Mixtape Daily

“I’m looking to come next summer,” Fab said of a sequel to Loso’s Way. “I like summer releases. It’s good timing. People are out, a lot of people need good music to ride to. I’m looking towards June or July again and come with Loso’s Way 2.”

As of now, the roll-out for the original Loso’s Way is still underway. Fab wants to release viral visuals for “Lullaby,” “Last Time” and “Makin’ Love,” while a clip “I’mma Do It” hit the ‘net a few weeks ago. Look for Fab to keep heating up cyberspace with a new mixtape on December 25, hosted by DJ Drama.

“The first mixtape with Dram was There Is No Competition,” he explained. “I’m working on part two — it’s called There Is No Competition Part 2: The Funeral Service. We gonna make it available for download on Christmas Day.”

…”Everything on there — it’s what I’ve been working on since the album. Even though [my album] came out in July, I probably finished it in maybe April or May. Everything has been building up musically since then. Sometime I get it out on R&B features or just other little stuff that you put out. I hadn’t put a mixtape out in while, so I had that backed up in me. I got a chance to release. I think people are gonna love it. There Is No Competition is me saying, ‘There is nobody that can compete with me. Death to the competition.’ That’s why it’s called The Funeral Service. Everything is themed around that. That’s why it’s kinda dark. Each song plays into that.”

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54 Responses to “Video: Fabolous Dropping New Mixtape On Christmas”

  1. Troyvul Says:

    Fab Mixtapes > Fab’s Albums

    But i aint sayin nothing new

  2. Krieke Says:

    While we were there, we translated some messages between us through the waitstaff. They were embarrassing though, so I wrote them down and Katya took the notes to the waitstaff. One of the messages I translated to her was that I was still extremely disappointed about the situation a few weeks ago when she broke her promises for kissing and sex in exchange for presents I bought her. It sent me very bad signals in more ways than one, and I wanted an explanation for it. All she replied was that “Ok, do you want me to break our relationship then?” I wasn’t sure how to respond to that or why she said that, so I continued to push for an explanation for the horrific behavior a few weeks ago. I could not understand any of her answers, but I could tell she was trying to avoid dealing with this. So she just said that later on, we would go to an internet cafe where she would answer my questions through the translator program. I agreed, and then I asked if she wanted to break up or continue on, and she said she wanted to keep the relationship. Afterward, when we walked outside, we looked at the huge shopping center across the street, and she suggested going in for a walk. I said no way, maybe later if we go to the cinema in there (no way did I want to be pressured into buying things again).

    So we took the metro back to our hotel and when we got there, we were still alone, so I suggested having sex now since she no longer had an empty stomach. But she still refused, claiming now that Julia and Igor were about to come in ten minutes, and that she promised we’d have sex tonight instead. I didn’t understand why we couldn’t just have it now and then again tonight though (the ex-girlfriend that I lived with before would surely have agreed to that). Plus, if Julia and Igor really were coming over, I now felt a lot of regret that we used our precious private time together to go out and eat rather than satisfying our (or rather my) urges instead, which I haven’t had enough of so far in our relationship. What a waste of opportunity, and I despised Katya’s sense of judgment. Why couldn’t she be my ex-girlfriend who always used every opportunity we had to have sex? This sucked big time. What a waste. Julia and Igor didn’t even come in ten minutes. They took a lot longer, but Katya clearly was more interested in waiting for their return than in making any use of our private time together. I didn’t feel good about this at all.

  3. TheCo!!inB Says:

    “Biggie, Puffy, Busta. Victory”
    all jokes aside that’s probably Fabs illest bar.

  4. Digital Scales Says:

    i have it somewhere in my compp. Joe put it wma protected so you cant convert it

  5. a tribe called quest Says:


  6. Dewill Says:

    Holle up!!! Holle up!!! That’s Joe88 on that myspace link??!!!

  7. Krieke Says:

    With time on our hands, we went up to the hostel office on the 10th floor, where there was a computer we could use with a translator program. Using the program, I typed up some of my concerns about her motives and habit of breaking promises and avoiding affection or intimacy with me. Since she was not familiar with the Russian keyboard and would take too long to find them, she said she would give me her answers by a hand letter and have Igor type them into the translator for me later.

    When Julia and Igor finally came back, I realized that they probably used their time away to screw, while I got nothing out of it. They brought with them some coke and vodka bottles, so we could drink up tonight. Then Katya ordered me to go to the supermarket with her so we could get some food and snacks to go with the coke and vodka. I reluctantly went and grimaced as Katya again overindulged in her buying habits, even at the supermarket. Again, as usual she was more interested in me buying things than in trying to make me happy. When we got back, we had a feast, but since I wasn’t looking to be satisfied by food at the moment, I only marginally enjoyed it all. Katya now wanted to get me drunk on vodka (whereas before she didn’t) and I kept wondering if she was doing so because she hoped that I would pass out so she wouldn’t have to have sex tonight as she promised. The hours got late and soon it was approaching midnight. Earlier, they talked about going to the nightclub “Roxy” but now it looked like they weren’t in the mood. The whole night, we made our usual off-color amateurish inside jokes that some find very amusing, but others are turned off by. When it got late, I looked at Katya and asked if she was ready to go to bed now, but she wasn’t and didn’t give me any indication as to when either. She seemed like she wanted to stay up as long as possible until she could not stay awake anymore. I got the creeping feeling that she was not going to honor her promise again to have sex, even though it’s been more than four weeks since we had it. When I commented on how long that is to go without sex, she said it wasn’t that long. Bullshit!

  8. icon(trillbert arenas) Says:

    think u love your car?


  9. Dominicano up in harlem Says:

    Best believe this is gonna be bumpin while peepin that Cavs V. Lakers game.


  10. Mr. Iceberg slim Says:

    Damn they doing nas dirty, first he had to pay 40k a mth now the judge ruled 51k a month..Also no new nas album next year

    Yesterday (December 9), Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham ordered Nas to pay $51,101 a month in spousal and child support to ex-wife Kelis.

    In Nas’ testimony, the Queens legend confirmed that he would not release solo album in 2010, but did not disclose whether that included his Damian Marley collaboration LP Distant Relatives. His statements also revealed that he owed $700,000 to his manager, and $2.5 million in back taxes to the IRS.

    Before yesterday’s verdict, Nas was reportedly paying close to $40,000 a month in temporary support.

  11. Dewill Says:

    @ a tribe called quest

    That fukin’ Slam dunkn’ hoes cover is absolute hilarity!!!


  12. Beezy Says:

    who the fuck is Krieke and what is this story?

  13. a tribe called quest Says:

    # Dewill Says:
    December 10th, 2009 at 10:48 am

    @ a tribe called quest

    That fukin’ Slam dunkn’ hoes cover is absolute hilarity!!!


    –Fam ive already taken this shit to the streets, im making it the next trend

  14. Krieke Says:

    When it was really late, Katya finally wanted to go to bed, but I could tell on her face that she did not have sex or seduction on her mind at all. She looked passive and evasive. This was not good, especially since she promised it throughout the whole day and brought my hopes up for hours. How could she do this? Even if I’m not physically attractive to her, at least she could play along with it, especially her since she’s a sex fiend. Anyone could. Even I have done so in the past. I ain’t repulsive, so it shouldn’t have been a problem. But she didn’t care about my needs, the fact that she built up my hopes throughout the whole day, or that she had a promise to keep to her boyfriend. None of that mattered to her. She had absolutely zero honor or consideration or sensitivity. When she came to our bedroom after changing pajamas, she did not even acknowledge my existence. She just went to her side of the bed, and plopped in without saying a word and went to sleep. I was both stunned with disbelief and bewildered. What the fuck is this bitch thinking?

    Hoping to cuddle and do some foreplay with her, I snuggled up to her in bed, but while I moved toward her though, I felt her aura pushing me away and shutting me out. But when I touched her, she became agitated and shrugged me off like I was some pest. I was really fucking pissed now, bigtime. Not only did this bitch break her solemn promise throughout the day to have sex tonight, but she wouldn’t even let me cuddle her either!!!!! What a worthless, conniving, good-for-nothing bitch! What is she thinking? Pissed as hell, I started cussing and shouting at her, showing her how mad I was and humiliated. I wanted her to know that what she did was totally unacceptable. It was so cold, heartless, and inconsiderate of my feelings. No relationship could tolerate this kind of treatment. This went on for a long time, but all she would do is yell “Ya splu” (meaning “I’m sleeping”) and shrug me off. Finally I told her that tomorrow I would not buy her anything, not even a coke, due to her unacceptable behavior. All she said was “Ok, fine.”

  15. b-ease Says:

    Beezy Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 10:50 am
    who the fuck is Krieke and what is this story?

    LOL, he first appeared during the great gay debate a couple weeks ago. No shots, but at the time, I thought it might have been you doing one of you bizarre alias things.

  16. spirit equality Says:

    BG is projected to sell very close to Snoop on E1, the new Koch. BG’s team is about their business. And that’s going to be a very nice looking check.

  17. b-ease Says:

    ^ Yea, BG won.

  18. Beezy Says:

    i only have two alter egos…Wale and Tiger Woods.

  19. icon(trillbert arenas) Says:

    b-ease Says:

    December 10th, 2009 at 10:54 am
    ^ Yea, BG won.

    ***even his album title is turrible (c) Charles Barkley

  20. Krieke Says:

    Afterward, Katya was more giggly and upbeat toward me. The four of us got ready and then had breakfast at McDonald’s. Then we rode the metro to the underground mall at the Kremlin called “Ahot Marriott”. Since it was a beautiful sunny day, we did not want to be inside at the internet cafe, so we decided to do something outside. We ascended to the top where the grand Kremlin was. I wanted to go to the Armoury Museum in the Kremlin, since an American man told me that the diamond display inside it was a must see. We went to the ticket office of the Kremlin, but since it was a holiday and a Saturday, the line was way too long and neither Julia nor Katya had the patience for it. So Katya wanted to go to the amusement park again, where we went a few weeks ago. We rode a bus to it and got off. Neither Julia nor Igor was interested in the theme park rides either, only Katya was. But they still made us pay 50 roubles each to go in, which was stupid because once inside you have to pay a lot more for each ride. It made no sense to charge an admission fee when you have to pay per ride anyway. Inside, we all waited as Katya went on two different extreme rides. One of them threw them upside down and then plunged them down. As I watched and video taped her, I felt sorry for her because I would have been terrified and uncomfortable on those rides. At the end of the second ride, Katya wanted a drink now. I put my foot on the ground and said that I already bought her a lot of snacks and drinks throughout the day, and paid for two expensive amusement park rides. If she wanted something else, she should use the 700 roubles I saw in her passport and get something herself. After all, all the other Russian girls I knew here often did that rather than asking me to buy something. She refused and said that she needed the 700 roubles for the train ride home to Cherepovets. When I pointed out to her that the train ride to Cherepovets only cost 250 roubles, and that she had lots of extra spending money for snacks, Katya was at a loss for what to say and looked at Julia to fish for another excuse to use. Finally, Julia looked at me and said that Katya is very poor and needs all the money she has, because her mom gives her no money. I replied “But then who gave her the 700 roubles?” Julia paused for a bit and then said that Katya’s sister Sveta gave her that. Yeah right. I smelled lying and deceit all over them. They obviously are so stingy that they can’t even buy their own snacks and love to use other people’s money for them.

    Then Julia scolded me and put me on a guilt trip, claiming that it was my job as Katya’s boyfriend to buy her what she needs, especially when she is hungry or thirsty. Apparently, I’m never allowed to say no to what Katya wants, no matter how many other times I’ve said yes that day or no matter how generous I’ve been that day. One “no” is unacceptable to her and makes me a terrible person. What a load of despicable bullshit. None of the other 98 Russian girls I know ever sink this low. Apparently, these two greedy vulturous girls think that they own my money and that I am their servant and that I never have any choice in what I want to buy and what I’m willing to pay for. These two are the most fucked up sleaziest people I’ve ever met. Because I said no just once to what Katya wanted, she looked away at me, didn’t acknowledge my existence for a while, and gave me the silent treatment. She tried to make me feel like a horrible person for saying no to something, but apparently she forgot that I just spent 200 roubles for her first ride there, and 80 roubles for the second ride. Apparently, that didn’t matter and didn’t count now, and they were forgotten, all because I said no to something else she wanted now. How unfair can you get?

  21. Krieke Says:

    I walked to look at a space shuttle open for tours inside, but changed my mind when I saw the price. Eventually, I bought myself some tea and snacks and got Katya a drink as well, hoping to change her sour face, which it did slightly. When we left the amusement park, we went back to Ahot Marriott and went to the internet cafe inside. There, Katya dictated the letter she wrote by hand to me, while Igor typed it up in Russian into the translator (at . When they were done, I clicked the “Translate” button and this is what appeared (I saved it by copying and pasting it to an email to myself, to show you all later for analysis):

    “I wanted, that you trusted me completely. Those people which speak about me poorly and speak, that I treat you negatively, they are not right and I envy we. If you think, that do not think of you while I am in Cherepovets it not so. I very much miss on you when you it is far. I have complex(difficult) character. I think, that you can change it(him) in due course. Concerning sex: I want to tell you, that right at the beginning of our attitudes(relations) I not so trusted you. I was afraid, that you use me and, not having married on me, uedite to America. Concerning illness: I have female illness mochevyvodjashchih ways which at some moments causes me inconveniences and discomfort.”

    (When I showed it to Brad, by the way, he said it sounded like bullshit and that just as he predicted, she tried to shift the blame on to me.) I wasn’t sure whether to believe any of it though, because it sounded like lame excuses and since Katya has already had a history of lying and breaking promises in the short time I’ve known her, all of this letter could very well be the same. Even the first sentence sounded deceptive. Why would she expect me to trust her completely, given her pattern of lies and broken promises? Trust is not a free gift. You have to earn it by keeping your promises and commitments, and proving that you can be trusted. Also, why would she think that after having sex with her, I would run back to America and leave her? She knows that I have a set flight schedule and that my intentions are serious. It makes no sense at all.

  22. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:

    Beezy uses his alias when booking hotels in Thailand and Cambodia.

    Beezy aka American Polanski

  23. icon(trillbert arenas) Says:

    Beezy aka American Polanski


  24. Beezy Says:

    Ronald McMuffviolator

  25. Krieke Says:

    When I was done, I took the last metro back to my hotel stop at Prospect Mira. Inside, they were already there (who knows if they really went to Igor’s hostel or not). We watched some musicals as I video taped them singing and sitting (if you get a chance to see the tape, Katya looks as hot as hell on it and you can clearly see why I would put up with so much from her in a mindless trance). When I brought it up to Julia and Igor that it was not fair that they were sleeping in our hotel without paying a portion of the bill, Julia, the stingy taker from hell, refused to offer anything and said that they didn’t need to sleep here, but that Katya wanted them too.

    Later, Katya asked me to get her some coke and snickers and apple, so I went out in the middle of the night and did. Although Katya had promised that we would have sex again earlier that day, I wasn’t going to count on it and get frustrated as well again. I already learned that you can’t believe a single thing she says (what a great relationship huh?). So I asked if she would be willing to cuddle with me tonight, but she reluctantly said “maybe”. That night, all she would let me do was put my arm around her waist on the OUTSIDE of her blanket, not on the inside of it like normal couples do! This was nothing since my arm could only be extended in such a position for so long. Katya, such a hopeless romantic!

    The next morning on Sunday, we decided to move hotels. Julia said that the large hotel complex, Izmailove shosse, had good rooms for the same cheap price as this room, and was much closer to Igor’s hostel. I knew about that hotel complex before since I found it during my research before when I was looking for hotels for me and Natasha E a few months ago. It is a complex of three hotel buildings, Alpha, Delta, and Gamma, and was reputed to be inexpensive and large. It sounded interesting to me, so I agreed and wanted to try it out. Plus, I was hoping the room would only be enough for Katya and I so that Julia and Igor could leave and let us have our privacy. So we checked out and rode the metro to the Izmailove shosse hotel complex (easily enough, it was located at the Izmailove shosse park metro station). Along the way in the metro, this guy in a suit with dark hair kept hitting on Katya and whispering in her ear. I became annoyed but Julia said that he was just trying to help us settle in the new hotel since he lived there too. Yeah right. I also saw Katya punch in his phone numbers into the memory of her mobile phone. When we got off the station, he continued to follow us for a while before he finally left to his hotel. Afterward, I asked about him and Julia said that Katya won’t really call him and that he was a Georgian man and that Georgian men were bad and untrustworthy.

  26. Beezy Says:

    SMH at reading this long and boring story

    I sincerely hope this is going somewhere

  27. Remixznflow Says:

    some one give me the cliff notes… cuz im not reading this

  28. Dewill Says:

    WTF… are these twilight novels??!!!

  29. PsicoMagia Says:


  30. icon(trillbert arenas) Says:

    I sincerely hope this is going somewhere

    ***like, “away”…

  31. Krieke Says:

    When we returned to the hotel lobby, Julia and Katya headed to a clothing store in the lobby plaza. Inside, Katya had the clerk bring out some pairs of socks. I tried walking away but Julia told me to go back to the counter because Katya needed new socks. I asked why and Julia said that out in the rain we had walked through many puddles and Katya’s socks were now wet and so she needed new ones in order to go anywhere else today. I asked if Katya brought any spare socks, but Julia said no. (which was a total lie because later on when I looked through Katya’s clothing bag, I saw at least one extra pair of socks!) The clerk said they were a little over 100 roubles a pair, I think. I got mad and said that it was a bad habit to make every little excuse possible to get me to buy something for her all the time. It wasn’t just about throwing away another 100 roubles, but this time, it was also about putting a stop to a bad habit. You don’t need to buy something new for every stupid little occurrence. Therefore, I said no. The clerk looked insulted and said goodbye to me. Then she said something that I couldn’t understand but I could tell that it was an insult to me. So whatever it was, I just repeated it back to her. On the way out, I yelled “You’re so fucking rude. In America, you’d be fired!” Julia looked at me and said that it wasn’t polite to yell at her like that, but I replied that she was totally rude to insult me for not buying something or complying with my girl’s demands. She had no right to do that, and it was totally improper for a customer service person to do that.

  32. b-ease Says:

    SMH at reading this long and boring story

    You’re reading this?!?

  33. Digital Scales Says:

    If you read anything ya man wrote you lost

  34. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    some one give me the cliff notes… cuz im not reading this


    some third world lame is trickin on this russian bitch and aint comin up w/the box.
    he keeps crying for it but the ho keeps frontin on him yet he persist to trick.

    sup nahkis

  35. Krieke Says:

    While I waited and wandered about the plaza, I soon felt anxious about how long they’d been gone. What were they doing or talking about, I wondered. I wondered if he took her into his hotel room and paid her for sex or something. I asked some people sitting around the huge lobby area where they were, and they pointed toward another elevator hall, but it wasn’t the same one that I saw them walk toward before. This one led to the Delta building. Perhaps they came back down while I was walking around and went another way, I thought. The witnesses in the lobby said that it was where they last saw the man with my blonde girlfriend. They had been gone about 40 minutes now, and I didn’t know what the hell they were up to or what to do. I even went up to my room for a while and told Julia and Igor (who were relaxing after sex) that Katya went off with Yanis and were missing, and what Katya had confessed to me. Julia looked sympathetic and said that she didn’t know what to do. When I went back down to wait some more.

    Finally, Yanis came back down and approached me. I asked him, “Where the hell were you? Did you pay my girlfriend and have sex with her or something?” He replied, “No, why would I do that to your girlfriend?” Then he told me that everything was alright now and that he had some good news for me. Perplexed, I asked what possibly could be good news for me right now, especially concerning Katya? He said that everything was ok and that he promised that Katya would sleep with me tonight and have sex with me. I asked why and what he did or said to her. He said not to worry about it and that he understood how these kind of girls worked and how to pull their strings, and that if I just trusted and listened to him, everything would work out. He would help me because he understood Russian mentality while I didn’t. This was the plan he relayed to me.

  36. Remixznflow Says:

    *daps kev*

    ROFL… good lookin out… im not interested…

    carry on…

  37. D_Block_4_Life Says:


  38. Beezy Says:

    it seems to be the story of a guy seeking a russian mail-order bride

    but it is going NOWHERE

    who sent this nigga?

  39. Black Brokaw Says:

    Fabulous….what a fag

  40. Krieke Says:

    Yanis said that when Katya, Julia and Igor came down, we would all go to the cafe in the hotel and have dinner before going to the disco. It would all be on him. I could order anything I want. He was filthy rich and money was never an issue for him. But first though, he wanted me to do something and take a leap of faith in trusting him. He wanted me to withdraw 200 dollars with my ATM card and give it to Katya. What the hell for, I asked, if I wanted a prostitute I could have one in Russia for 10 or 12 dollars an hour! Yanis replied that if I gave her 200 dollars, Katya would give it back to me later on. I didn’t believe him and said that a greedy person with zero self-respect like Katya would never give back 200 dollars that was given to her. He gave me his guarantee on it and said that if she didn’t, he would reimburse me personally. Confused, I asked him how he knew this and why I had to do this. He said that I didn’t understand Russian women, and that for them, it is about control. He explained that Katya did not really want my money, and that for her it was a control issue. If I show her that I am willing to give her 200 dollars, then she would be grateful to me for the generosity and leap of faith, and return my money. It would elevate her impression of me, he said, and she’d finally be willing to sleep with me and have sex with me tonight for taking such a bold leap of faith. But, I protested, you saw earlier when Katya admitted that she didn’t love me and didn’t find me attractive and didn’t want to marry me anymore. So why would she sleep with me and have sex with me. Yanis replied, “Don’t worry. I had a talk with her and she told me that she does really love you, but that she sees you as being too stingy sometimes so it turns her off. That is why she said those things earlier.” It all sounded fishy to me, but Yanis talked like he was completely confident he knew what he was saying. You just had to believe him.

    So when they all came down, we headed for the cafe and had dinner. During the dinner, Yanis told me that he would go with me and Katya tomorrow to the ZAGS office to register for marriage, and that since he knew people in high places, he could waive the normal 32 day waiting period for the marriage and make it only 6 days. He married a Russian woman before himself in 6 days since he had these connections. But he was divorced now and his only explanation for it was that his Russian wife wanted to move to Israel while he didn’t. Furthermore, he said that he could also take me to the OVIR office and extend my Russian visa one more month or for as many months as I wanted. I wouldn’t have to go to Latvia to extend it at the Russian embassy there, he said. He had connections and could get around it. I said that my travel agency as well as several hostel staff told me that they tried extending visas at OVIR before but that it was impossible and the only way to do it was to leave the country to get a new visa at a Russian embassy, and then come back. But Yanis said it was unnecessary and he promised he would extend it for me through his connections. It would be a piece of cake and he would take care of everything, he said. Wow, I thought. This man must be a miracle worker. First, he fixes things up between me and my girlfriend and gets her to agree to sleep with me. Then he has the power to waive the marriage waiting period and can extend my visa without me having to leave the country? I must be very lucky to have met such a man who can do these miracles, I thought. Perhaps this man is a blessing from God!

  41. icon(trillbert arenas) Says:

    i stopped reading that story,before I started…at first, I thought it was that nigga S.I.C.K…until I realized that it wasn’t interesting and happened in Europe- “The Boring Identity”, soon to be followed by “the Boring Ultimatum”

  42. Krieke Says:


    I left them and headed back to my room and sat on my bed to think about what to do now. I was in a messy situation with two depraved bitches, and the longer I hung out with them, the more trouble would happen. They give me nothing but anger and pain and frustration. It was all just one disaster after another waiting to happen. Suddenly, I felt the inclination to open my luggage and look at the empty box of condoms again. There was something about it that disturbed me subconsciously. I wasn’t sure why, but there was. I took it out and examined it. As I did so, I noticed something peculiar. There were no Russian words anywhere on the box. It was all in German except at the bottom where it said in English that it was made by a London company. Well that’s odd, I thought. Usually almost every product bought in Russia has at least some Russian on it, even if it’s an American product. Suddenly it hit me. The box was all in German. Yanis told me yesterday that although he was Yugoslav, he lives in Germany now! Oh my gosh!!!!!! It all started to make sense now, what happened last night. All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle started to fit together now. I saw the whole picture. It made sense now. Now I knew the truth, but it made me disgusted and sick in the stomach. I couldn’t believe it. What kind of people were they, Julia, Katya, and Yanis???!!!!! The box of condoms in German obviously belonged to Yanis. He must have went into Julia and Katya’s room last night without my knowledge! Since they were a box of condoms, he must have screwed one of them. And since Katya was naked last night when I went into their room while Julia had pajamas on, he probably screwed Katya!!!!!!!! I knew this because in the two times Katya had sex with me before, she got naked first in preparation for sex. Otherwise, if she was about to go to sleep, she usually put her pajamas on. Also, throughout the night, Yanis seemed a lot more interested and focused on Katya than Julia. Remembering more details, I realized that the reason Yanis called me last night after our planned failed to tell me to go to sleep, was because he was probably about to come up to go to their room and didn’t want me to come out and see him in the hall!!!!! Yanis lied to me about the whole thing. I WAS SET UP!!!!!!!!! This man whom I thought was my friend, swindled me out of money so he could use it to have sex with my own girlfriend. And worse of all, my own girlfriend conspired and cooperated with him in all this!!!!! HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

  43. Beezy Says:

    “The Boring Identity”, soon to be followed by “the Boring Ultimatum”


  44. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:

    “The Boring Identity”,


    reasonably clever.


  45. Coogi Down Says:

    Jive/JLG’s Chris Brown returns with Graffiti, which is on target for between 95-100k as the next highest newcomer, while Warner Bros. Birmingham, AL, rapper Gucci Mane is right behind him, with a projected total of 85-95k.

    Virgin/EMI’s Thirty Seconds to Mars declare This Is War with a projected total between 65-75k, followed by Mailboat’s Jimmy Buffet (60-70k), Priority/EMI’s Snoop Dogg (55-65k), E1 Entertainment’s BG (40-50k), Blackground/Interscope’s Timbaland (35-40k) and Columbia Virginia Beach hip-hop duo Clipse (30-35k).

    I told people no one was gonna go cop a Gucci album, no matter how many mixtapes/guest appearances he did, it was a good strategy, but one already done by Lil’ Wayne to better effect…..all his mixtape fans stayed away from his album, which just left whatever mainstream audience he’s attained

  46. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:

    Clipse (30-35k).


    That has to hurt.

  47. Digital Scales Says:

    I can see D_Brow copying and pasting all them stories and writing ^co sign

  48. Beezy Says:

    D_Brow annoys the shit outta me when he just posts a zshare link with no explanation of what the shit even is.

    I want to end his life.

  49. Krieke Says:


    Then, after he screwed Katya, he must have left them his mobile phone number on that hotel brochure! That explained it all! And when he took Katya away for a while in the afternoon the previous day, he must have arranged and paid for the secret room of theirs during that time, to prepare to use it to screw them later on. So Yanis must have paid for the mystery room, not Igor! And to get Katya to have sex with him, he must have used the 200 dollars he borrowed from me to pay her for it! (he did not have an attractive face, but rather a shady look, not normally someone that Katya would be attracted to) Thank God I wasn’t able to give him 300 more dollars like he wanted! And he must have instructed Katya prior during their secret talk to give me back the 200 dollars I would give her later, so that he could set me up and give her more later, like 500 dollars perhaps! The 200 dollar return must have been a set up to make me trust anything this guy says since what he predicted came true, so that later I would trust him with 500 dollars! That must have been the scam or scheme! The give and return 200 dollar set-up worked and did its job into fooling me into trusting him more later on! This guy was so clever and despicable at the same time! I felt so foolish, stupid, and embarrassed at the same time! And furthermore, how could Katya have cooperated with this? Surely she knew by being instructed to give me back the 200 dollars that I was being set up for something. And surely she must have known that something fishy was going on when she saw me and Yanis trying to withdraw my money out of the ATM machine last night. Why would she let it happen and not warn me about it? She can’t even be my friend if she cooperated with this scheme and let it happen without warning me! Same goes for Julia too! No true friend would have let that happen!

    How am I going to explain this to people, I thought. How am I going to explain that MY OWN GIRLFRIEND HELPED A MAN WE JUST MET TO ATTEMPT TO SWINDLE 500 DOLLARS FROM ME, SO HE COULD HAVE SEX WITH HER USING MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? How do I explain such a despicable thing? I never imagined things would ever sink that low. Never! I knew that Katya was not a good girl and that she could cause me trouble, but I never expected this! This was BEYOND HORRIBLE! It was totally heinous, disgusting, and tasteless, devoid of all decency! But in a way, I was glad this happened. This incident showed me what kind of people Katya and Julia really were, and why I should not waste any more precious time or energy with them. It was better I found this out now than waste more time or money with them. Therefore, I thanked God for this lesson, and also thanked him that this lesson only costed me 200-300 dollars rather than 500 dollars as they planned. The Lord must have been merciful, I thought, to not allow them to take 500 dollars as planned. 200 dollars was a bad loss, but not one that would ruin me. 500 dollars on the other hand, would have hurt real bad.

  50. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:

    S.I.C.K stories >>

    the one about smashing with timbs on had me dying

  51. Beezy Says:

    i knew Gucci wouldn’t break 100…i believe I said like 40k though….so 85-95k would far surpass my expectations

  52. Digital Scales Says:

    I’ll never read one of Sicks stories, he prolly look like DPS

  53. icon(trillbert arenas) Says:

    I’ll never read one of Sicks stories, he prolly look like DPS


  54. james dean Says:

    the new trend in hip-hop is making trilogies out of your albums………

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