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Video: Curtis on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

I heard this was a pretty entertaining interview.

Walk on music: “Money, Power, Respect.”

Hit the jump to see Curtis perform with The Roots.

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9 Responses to “Video: Curtis on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

  1. Joe Canadian Says:

    Drake looks so GAy in this, I’m almost surprised Josh Hartnet, Drake, and Cudi arent seen kissing in this peice of garbage/

    This trend of testosterone lacking rappers is kinda creepy.

  2. Al Poelvordino Says:

    OK Ur Right Street Banger
    Baby By Me Lead Single
    Do U Think Bout Me
    coming today
    Get It Hot
    New Year

  3. AJPONE Says:

    this is gonna spark a whole other discussion but even with the 50 interviews
    conan o’ brien > jimmy fallon


  4. The Young Fucker Says:

    Fuck this 50 shit what you be waitin for the new Sade single???????

  5. bc-tw Says:

    For all the shit that people talk about 50 dude can actually rap live and has good breath control on stage. And oh yeah, his album is easily one of the best of 2009, very underrated.

  6. Chosen1 Says:

    ^ and then you came off of your high

  7. Omar Says:

    what eva happened to All City? The actual was dope.

  8. The Young Fucker Says:

    bc-tw stupidest cooment eva!!!!!!!!!!!!bc just shake ur head if u feel somethin inside you ain’t dead stupid!!

  9. donkilluminati Says:

    drake is gay, funny lookin fag who sucks at music. only know cause of his hype. remeber when public enemny said dont believe the hype?

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