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Video: Method Man on Big Pun

Here’s an excerpt from Vlad Yudin’s Big Pun: The Legacy (The Lost Files.)

It drops on for free February 7th, which is the 10th anniversary of Big Pun’s death. Thanks to Shake.

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3 Responses to “Video: Method Man on Big Pun”

  1. Video: Method Man on Big Pun : DEF PEN RADIO 71.8 Says:

    […] NR via Shake Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. Sye Says:

    300 pounds with little arms, LOL!

    Why do people think blacks & hispanics don’t get along we live in the same communities & have done so for years in peace. That black & hispanic beef started by racist white people who want us to have beef so we can kill each other off.

    The problem in the black & hispanic community is that we have to many black & hispanic crabs in the barrel, & we celebrate wickedness. For example stop snitching is dumbest idea ever & only keeps evil people safe in our community.

  3. youaintakiller Says:

    When i first heard of Pun i thought he had a unique special smooth ass sound like Biggie. Then i copped Capital Punishment and got hooked on HARD on pun and still to this day hes my fav and i bump his shit 24/7. NOBODY ELSE ONLY HIM!

    …okay sometimes i bump biggie, big l, nas etc. but its all pun!!!

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