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Lloyd Banks – Bully


Lloyd Banks – Bully | Mediafire


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7 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Bully”

  1. Duke Says:

    i wish hed go back to his “Hunger for more” days. Dude was legit now its like i can barely hear him on a track..

  2. Ghost Writer Says:

    Oh shit he killed this….wtf? haha now that’s the Banks I know (n)

  3. gEEn 1. Says:

    duke open your ears i hear this nigga killen the track GeoT Damn

  4. rdawodu Says:

    Yeah he is doing his thing on tracks.

  5. MC Says:

    He can still rhyme, but why did he change his voice??

  6. BLESS Says:

    His voice is horrible!!!!!

  7. Sye Says:

    Lloyd Banks lyrics suck ass & his voice sounds terrible.

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