Eminem – Drop A Bomb On ‘Em (CDQ)


I held off on posting this yesterday but apparently Shady Records wants it out so here it is.

Eminem – Drop A Bomb On ‘Em (prod. Dr. Dre) | Clean

The Refill drops December 21st. Props to @KLEPONE

Previously: Eminem – Elevator + Buffalo Bill

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18 Responses to “Eminem – Drop A Bomb On ‘Em (CDQ)”

  1. cologne Says:


    Pass on the Download.

  2. sopp Says:

    em and dre kill it

  3. UAintKnow? Says:

    Why is he trying to act Jamaican? That’s some sad shit.

  4. G-Man Says:

    His songs all sound the same now. I am a huge Em fan but this shit is wack. I’m hoping Relapse 2 will be different and he is just releasing this trash because the label is making him for a quick holiday buck.

    Eminem can spin words better than anyone, but this music has no heart.

  5. swat Says:

    this shit is fire…….average niggas wont be able to rap themselves around this one

  6. APES IN SPACE Says:

    only question i have is did beans get that boi boi boi shit from hearing this shit before we heard this shit……..shiiiiiiiiiit

  7. thehoodnerd Says:

    meh! Will the real slim shady please stand up?

  8. TheCoolest Says:

    “Hell Breaks Loose” With Dre is the best one the the Refill, The other ones are meh..

  9. restlessbx Says:

    This record shits on any lupe, jayz, jay electronica shit in recent history you bum ass niggas can list. I swear you niggas are some die hard hating ass women. This song goes extremely hard.

  10. Teddy Says:

    i listened to refill it all sounds like the same song besides forever even relapse all sounds like the same song its like he just recorded the same song over different beats how can you make an entire album and have every single song about the extact same thing mutilation techniques on women the rapping is still insane but theres just nothing to the songs cought myself actually day dreaming about something else while listening to some of these refill songs thats how repetative they are and the hooks are just lacking straight lazy hooks its like he puts all his attention to the rhyme then just pumps out a 2 minute chorus that borders on a very close edge of annoying im a huge em fan to so its disapointing he hasn’t made a good album since the eminem show but hopefully he will be back with relapse 2 good thing he started again if relapse 2 came out n it was all this refill shit woulda been massivly disapointed even jay took 2 albums till he was back in any sort of form resembling his pre retirement form

  11. gEEn 1. Says:


  12. Teddy Says:

    its called an opinion gEEn woodface

  13. DJ BLACK Says:

    did I catch some Hamilton hating in there…..?

  14. DJ BLACK Says:

    yep its the Detroit shit……

  15. DJ BLACK Says:

    I think that’s part of what what went down ? and why it wouldn’t be on the first release…….

  16. DJ BLACK Says:

    oh yea and ……….

  17. yaboitone Says:

    lol. R U SERIOUS?
    this shit is FIRE!
    please please please please please please let somebody take this shit personally! lol.
    just for fun imma listen to it like hes addressin somebody i dont like. um…..how about….wayne. yeah. thats fun. wayne.
    not hatin. just makes it a little more interestin. give it a try.

  18. Cal Says:

    It sucks that people keep getting the wrong idea that these relapse era songs are recent and mirror what he’ll be doing lately. I mean ever since “the warning” dude’s been hella consistent. These are just abortioned tracks from relapse they mean nothing to me.

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