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Charles Hamilton – Loserville


The second leak off Normalcy, dropping soon.

Charles Hamilton – Loserville | Mediafire

Previously: Charles Hamilton – Charles Hamilton Is Back | Video

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29 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – Loserville”

  1. Smoke Green Says:

    I know the CH haters who were talking crazy like dude was finished have the shitface right now.

    Good for you.

  2. KLO Says:

    that damn Young Money video was garbage….

  3. D_Block_4_life Says:

    How does this sound?

  4. HjK87 Says:

    Wack. Who wants to sing along to a hook about being a loser? Since when is Emo-hiphop cool? Go away


    Welcome to Loservile:
    Population – One

  6. ThatGuy00 Says:

    DOPE. And i know alot of ppl fried since MC Lyte came out and said that CH had to fight and beg to get dropped becuz they didnt wanna let him go. Lookin forward to the new project.

  7. B!Z Says:

    trash… don’t bother.

  8. phatosas Says:

    Charles Hamilton is talented but he really needs to repackage himself, get a good production team behind him and have a makeover before anybody would take him seriously.

  9. cmon Says:

    Please stop posting Charles Hamilton this is very bad music. C’mon

  10. T Says:

    to those hatin on CH


    dude produces all his music and writes all his own raps

    name one equivalent at his age?

    oh yeah, you can’t!

    who needs a good production team when you can create hundreds of banging tracks practically single handedly?

    y’all under-estimate dude

    the haters are probably the ones on this damn blog that think BISD is better than BP3

    put the weed down and start thinkin straight


  11. reg Says:


    the only time i WOULDN’T take his music seriously if he repackaged himself and tried to become marketable or “taken seriously”. real music > cookie cutter.

    this song is shit though.

  12. Jomoses Says:

    This song isnt bad at all…..niggas act like sheep around here smh.

  13. drizzle Says:

    Lyte straight lied to the camera in that interview. There was no fight

  14. paramount Says:

    hamilton is a trick. his music is some childish garbage. this shit here is too sing-song to qualify as rap.

    dude’s mad arrogant and played himself. all this shit has been said before and should not be taken with a grain of salt. the bad decisions this child have made reflect his stupidity. fool ain’t change, won’t change as far as i can tell.

    get a another job. you done fell outta line months ago and been passed. kid playing checkers. i still get vomitspit recalling how this child tried getting his name uttered in the same fucking sentence as dilla. no such thing as bygones in hip hop, trick.

  15. Vilens Says:

    after what hamilton did to dilla’s family i’m really upset to see nahright supporting him.

  16. cmon Says:

    Sorry wack is wack his choruses are what hold him back. His wining singing sucks … c’mon….

  17. drudgery Says:

    Most of you didnt know who dilla was before that incident… and repackage are you serious? get a team behind him… thats that sheep mentality… why does someone need a team of ppl to make there tracks… smh. see thats where the originality leaves outta hip hop.

    Im happy to see mickey factz, emilio rojas, charles hamiliton, sicka bod sane, asher roth, kid cudi, xv, big sean, wale, all these new cats bring life back. But stop the hate and learn to forgive the bullshit. you love dilla? would dilla want you to hold a grudge… cause if so hold a grudge AGAINST each and every one of these dudes using his beats and not paying up when his family aint doing the greatest. Even if the album sold 10 copies there wouldve bn money going to the family… HOW MUCH HAVE YOU PUT IN THE DILLA FAMILY POCKET?! WITH YOUR SO CALLED LOVE OF DILLA!!!

    HATE is ignorant!! Im saying he shouldve asked before acting but his actions is more than what any of you harping on the situation have done!!!

  18. espi Says:

    Charles Hamilton is banned from hip hop.

  19. bfbeats Says:

    banned frm detroit @ least

  20. bfbeats Says:

    nah right dont fuck wit em he dont deserve the shine
    his bars are xtra light an pointless

  21. Ebonics Says:

    somebody get rid of this guy. for christ sake, who puts the gas in this little boy’s car to make him think that his material is good. and as for some one produces and raps in his age bracket i would have to say j.cole does a great job. not every beat is his own, but he makes dope beats and his rapping is much better than charles.

  22. BrokenEmpires Says:

    You guys have double standards.
    A regular no name bloggin ass nigga like Beezy (just an example) can talk shit about another rapper and it’s whatever…Cuz it just one niggas opinion.
    But when a rapper does the same shit, ya’ll wanna resurrect Albert Pike and lynch the poor man.

    How many times have you guys in your life dismissed a dead celebrity before?

    You guys forget that Charles is still a kid. And obviously media trained properly, if at all.

  23. BrokenEmpires Says:

    * And obviously not, media trained properly, if at all.

  24. rebel2society Says:

    So I listened and I thought his lyrics was stronger on this track (by far) than the last one. What I’m hearing back is a lot of hate.

    Say his singing is wack. Reasonable. Say he can’t rap? I don’t know about all that. He has his own sound n is original. So ima keep rocking with dude.

    See how I did that there? Kept it Charles on a Charles post take notes ya’ll.

  25. Dead Dog AIDS Says:

    Wow… hes actually getting worse.

  26. wtf Says:

    Dead Dog AIDS Says:

    December 8th, 2009 at 3:38 am
    Wow… hes actually getting worse.

    His musics dope…
    I mean He Wierd As Hell…
    & that Dilla shit was sketchy…
    I heard he apologized…idk
    but if u dont like the niggathen dont post no comments…

    the best way to show that somebody suck is NOT POSTING ANY COMMENTS ABOUT THEM….


  27. Blacklion Says:

    dbl post haters …we get it, you dont like the guy…we understand.

    I dont like candy yams but i dont want to ban them from thanksgiving…

  28. dumbbaby Says:

    Lot of hate on a guy who has done amazing things for his age. Made some of the BEST mixtapes of the last year: Outside Looking, Well isnt this awkward, Death of the Mixtape rapper… And there are more! And of course The Pink Lava Lamp.. All original, catchy, great music.. Outside Looking is a better mixtape than No Ceilings (I dont care what you say, it just is.. Lol) and in terms of creativity as good as So Far Gone or A Kid named Cudi. If you havent heard it in its entirety you shouldnt be judging the dude. The fact that so many people come here to say how much they hate him tells me he has a future.. And thats fucked up but I guess thats how it works with guys trying something different these days.

  29. dumbbaby Says:

    Sorry, last Stanish thing to say: It does seem like he trod on some peoples toes with some bad decisions in terms of mistreating bloggers and saying some shit he didnt really think out, but give him a break.. Every entertainer in history does this at some point.

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