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Video: Drake Interview w/ CNN

On the night they announced the Grammy nominations.

Rapper Drake talks to CNN’s Denise Quan about the Grammy nominations he received for a record that hasn’t even released yet.

Hit the jump for his official interview with the Grammy people.

Spotted at ATF.

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19 Responses to “Video: Drake Interview w/ CNN”

  1. Smoke Greene Says:

    Quest Love’s Fro has more personality then Black Thought.

  2. G7 Says:

    nate, i understand what you mean playin’ catch up. that inbox must be close to empty by now…lol. nh. you’re on a tear this morning.

  3. G7 Says:

    drake might be the most manufactured, forced hype ever. his raps are cool. not a fan of the singing though.

  4. Don Garcia Says:

    He should not talk so much about his non-existing album, but just make it happen!

  5. ridalen Says:

    drake might be the most manufactured, forced hype ever.


    you ever heard of whitney houston or britney spears?

  6. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    can’t wait for all the haters to start giving their reviews on Thank Me Later.. like y’all downloaded it for what reason? cause i haven’t seen shit but hate (from nah) all year with the exception of nate & like 5 others.

  7. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    drake might be the most manufactured, forced hype ever.

    who is souljah boy tell em for $500?

    that nigga/jew makes great music bottom line.

    all this recognition & burn from a mixtape. not shit loads of tapes & verses.. 1 mixtape.

    can j. cole say that? or anybody for that matter?

    fiddduck no

  8. Yeah Right Says:

    Shepard Fairley sold out.

  9. thehoodnerd Says:

    im just waiting to hear this Fireworks tracks everyone is talking about…

    the redskins are beating the saints?? really??

  10. Jiovanni Johnson Says:


  11. Drake Speaks On Grammy Nominations (VIDEO) | The Real Frequency Says:

    […] You know you doing well when a) you have 2 Grammy Nominations without an album and b) CNN starts pretending they care about hip-hop just to get some shine off you. Congrats to Drizzy, 40 and Boi-1da. Props to NahRight on the find. […]

  12. BusinessManJay Says:

    His attitude says a lot, he holds himself proper in front of the camera and represents for some of the people he started things off with, nuff respect.

    Tdot Stand up.

  13. parisian captain Says:

    I don’t know how the f did Lil Wayne find that dude but he did a great job!
    and Drake’s a humble dude so that’s wassup

  14. datniggareggie Says:

    wow……that had to be the weirdest hip hop interview i’ve ever heard….

  15. phatosas Says:

    I wonder how much blackberry pay him for the promotion.

  16. justin Says:

    johnny drama>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> who ever thats in your entourage

  17. The1nder Says:

    Shepard Fairley sold out.



  18. SoWait Says:

    # phatosas Says:
    December 6th, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    I wonder how much blackberry pay him for the promotion.


    Lol, that’s going to probably go over a lot of peoples head if they didn’t see the hot97 “freestyle” video. But he basically said he was nervous and wasn’t expecting to have to “freestyle” or “spit” on Flex’s show. I’m still waiting to hear him actually sing live. I think he is very talented overall but until he steps his live game up he won’t live up to all the hype he has been afforded. Did anyone hear the song he wrote for Alicia Keys?

    It’s a not hip hop but it is nice!

  19. Nah Right » Video: Drake Talks Grammy Noms to Rap-Up Says:

    […] Previously: Drake Interview w/ CNN + the Grammy people […]

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