Black Thought – Mona Lisa (Unreleased)


Another one from Black Thought’s (shelved) Masterpiece Theatre album.

Black Thought – Mona Lisa (prod. Karriem Riggins) | Mediafire


Props to Shake for liberating this.

“Over 21, and yes I got one son/his favorite MC was the late Big Pun…”

Previously: Black Thought – The Professional (Unreleased)

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19 Responses to “Black Thought – Mona Lisa (Unreleased)”

  1. Gravity Says:


    B.T >>> Jada

  2. G7 Says:

    this is dope!

  3. TheCoolest Says:

    This got shelved??
    This sounds like something that would be worth buying…

  4. gEEn 1. Says:

    this is the second “unreleased” black thought track iv heard in the past two weeks, this nigga is so fucking dope. seriously one of the top 5

  5. gEEn 1. Says:

    i dont think “underrated” would be a good term to describe black thought, anyone who knows about rhyming knows this mother fucker does his damn thing

  6. b-ease Says:

    It’s ill to know there’s still unreleased joints off this project. I thought we had pretty much heard everything meant for it on Phrenology and The Tipping Point.

  7. b-ease Says:

    This got shelved??

    Yea, like back in 2000. Geffen told Tariq to go fuck himself.

  8. gEEn 1. Says:

    well fuck, keep them coming

  9. Black Thought – “Mona Lisa” | - Hip Hop music, videos, beats, mixtapes, mixtape Says:

    […] It really is a shame that Thought’s solo album Masterpiece Theatre never saw the light of day, but I’m glad that we’re at least getting treated to a few leaked tracks from the project. “Mona Lisa” is Black Thought’s spin on the Slick Rick classic of the same name. He stays along the lines of the story and the structure of the original but switches it up so that he’s the protagonist. It’s cool seeing this fresh take on an old favorite (it doesn’t hurt either that Black Thought and Slick Rick are two of my favorite artists). Spotted at NR. […]

  10. Felipe Says:

    god this is dope
    it’s fucked how he’s such an amazing rapper but the roots don’t sell that many albums. too many people are sleeping.

  11. Al Poelvordino Says:

    he needs to leak the whole album for christmas

    then 2010 new Roots album first quarter of this new year

    and 2010 december BLACK THOUGHT first offishal release !

  12. donkilluminati Says:

    hip hop fans today are the epitome of wack world, 1o comments on black thought, 300 on lil wayne. black thought is a million times better than wayne. i hate hip hop fans, why don’t you just stop postin lil wayne garbage? nahright is promoting wack word, nahright is wack world.

  13. The Destroyer Says:

    Black Thought top 3

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  15. SSP Soundz Says:

    The Roots are like the Ramones of hip hop … BT should be in everyones top 10 minimum !

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