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Gripz – Angels vs. Demons (Intro)


Here’s the intro to young Gripz‘ Poetic Literature Pt. 2 mixtape.

Gripz – Angels vs. Demons (Intro) (prod. Anno Domini) | Mediafire

Bonus: Gripz – ABC’s (100 Bars) (prod. Vherbal) | Mediafire

This kid has potential and a crazy work ethic, and he’s 20.

Get part 1 to Poetic Literature here.

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5 Responses to “Gripz – Angels vs. Demons (Intro)”

  1. Voltron aka Step to me and get 4 x 2. Says:

    My restlessness is my nemesis.

  2. Matik Says:

    add another rapper who’s done the ABC concept song…

  3. TheRealProtege Says:

    wtf is up with the vinnie tag on the ABCs joint… hmm wasnt expecting to pull a papoose on it though.

  4. the poster Says:

    he look good!

  5. rogger Says:

    whats this beat from… alchemist maybe?

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