Co$$ – No Allah


He said it, not me:

No allah is no way is my proclamation that God does not exist, nor do I mean any disrespect to Muslims or any systems of belief, the song is really about good not being able to thrive where evil is uplifted….If you listen closely the lyrics are more about hypocrisy than Atheism….Thanx to all who take the time to listen to the music and analyze the lyricism before they jump to conclusions……..C$$

Co$$ – No Allah (prod. Erik L) | Mediafire

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20 Responses to “Co$$ – No Allah”

  1. landlord Says:

    say word?

  2. White and on Nahright Says:

    People with imaginary friends are stupid


    I should have never bought all of these Twizzlers. =[


    People with imaginary friends are stupid’

    ^ ^
    Imaginary Friends > Most People on Earth.

  5. Sound Verite' Says:

    NO Allah? No Co$$

  6. thehoodnerd Says:

    nah. right?

  7. jay Says:

    nice song … waddup!

  8. Voltron aka Step to me and get 4 x 2. Says:

    May Allah guide you.

  9. EZLN Says:


    wish it didnt come with a disclaimer though, lol. fuck them dudes…

  10. aint no JESUS Says:


  11. Quilldram Says:

    They say “analyze the lyricism”. But regardless of the words in the song, the title of the song is how it will be judged. I’m quite sure they thought this out and all of the possible repercussions that may come with it when they named it. Interesting to see what the court of public opinion will say about this.

  12. buck Says:

    fatwa time me thinks

  13. mike Says:

    the new salmon rushdie?… im calling my fam in iran right now to get a fatwa on co$$

  14. young kof Says:

    aint no gods

  15. Allahbornsgod M Allah aka keep it baggy not faggy Says:

    The blackman is god.
    The whiteman is the devil. Period………..

  16. This is wack Says:

    I am a Christian and this song is just wack not offensive

  17. blacktk Says:

    this nigga is stoney jackson!!
    straight mystery!!
    i live in leimert park right on 11th ave and i never seen homie.
    and we live in the black muslim mecca of l.a. gods,moors,sunni muslims.
    that boy better watch it around the way.
    post a real repper like dom kennedy from the hood.

  18. BIGUP Says:

    get the fuck out of here co$$,, never heard of u before motherfucker,, U call a song “no allah” and then say that the song is not an offense to musilims???!!

    u fucking waaaack,, the song is waaaack and this is the waaaaaackest idea of trying be famous ,,,, u should watch ur back homie,,, muslims is the most sensitive ppl when it comes to mentioning their god or prophet (that disclaimer won’t save ur ass homie) … so good luck stupid ass

  19. allah=sandnigger Says:

    the Jews killed jesus because he was faker than Michael Jackson’s white skin and mohammed married little girls. FUCK ALLAH AND CRUSADING IMPERIALISTS (i.e. the american military foreign policy)

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