Video: LL Cool J Freestyle Medley (Live @ Grammy Nominations)

LL Cool J opened the show with a freestyle medley over an assortment of the year’s instrumentals.

Props to RR

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9 Responses to “Video: LL Cool J Freestyle Medley (Live @ Grammy Nominations)”

  1. HHF Says:

    LL still holding it down

  2. SDP aka the somali pirate Says:

    wtf…did this fruit just go in?

    i think he did

  3. APES IN SPACE Says:

    GO AWAY ALREADY LL GTFOH GO THATAWAY….become a rep for chapstick or rap for old navy just go away already…..go crush some pink cookies in a plastic bag with some round the way girls

  4. Mr.Londoner Says:

    oh shit..

    oh shit.. wait.. this is good

  5. Darri Says:

    LL sounds mad nice. But the DJ in the back had the records skipping like hell yo!! Set your shit to relative mode, you douche.

  6. kedordu Says:

    DJ COULDNT KEEP UP WITH LL . ALWAYS CAME CLEAN ON THE MIC EVERYTIME . RAP 101 IS LL . every rapper used that in the begining .

  7. gnarlee Says:

    LL aight, DJ and crowd massive fail.

    Some blogger put it best:

    “I spend every day of my life seeking out new music, yet seeing the Grammy nominees makes me feel out of the loop. Sad, no matter how you look at it.”

  8. th!z Says:

    ayoooo @ 2:27

    LL sounded mad excited.. “wow!”

  9. Linwood Rose Says:

    LL is nice with the mic man.

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