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Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ DJ Quiz

Wiz and Quiz talk Deal or No Deal and past history.

After the jump, check out a DoND promo from filnobep.

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4 Responses to “Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ DJ Quiz”

  1. You should call me Uncle a.k.a I know you moms well Says:

    Bad man fall but neva fold

  2. Upset The Setup Says:

    son whats up with these ads?

  3. BrokenEmpires Says:

    Not to be a jerk or anything to everyone but.
    PLEASE stop complaining about the fucking ads.
    If they bother you THAT MUCH go download Mozilla Firefox
    and install the AD Block Plus plug in. and shut the fuck up.

    Everytime I see some interesting shit on here
    I go straight to the comments to see what people are saying
    and theres always some dick head talking shit
    “why so many 50 cent ads”
    “Why is 50 all over the ads”
    “ads are annoying”

    You have the fucking internet on your finger tips.
    use it.

    Oh yeah and Taylor Gang or get aids and die bitch!

  4. upsetthesetup Says:

    youre lunching. nobody ever talks about a post in the comments on nah right!

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