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VIBE December Cover (Drake)


VIBE Magazine’s relaunch includes Drake on one cover, and Chris Brown on the other. VIBE’s blog entry for Drake is called “Everybody Loves Drake” because Chris Brown’s is called Everybody Hates Chris, which is pretty clever. Hey, you know what else these two have in common. Here’s a hint (#16).


Hit the jump for some Behind The Scenes footage from the shoot.

What I wanna know is what happened to the issue with Christina Milian’s tities on the cover? Terius has it on his Twitter background.

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32 Responses to “VIBE December Cover (Drake)”

  1. g7 Says:

    >>What I wanna know is what happened to the issue with Christina Milian’s tities on the cover?

    ^much preferred, rather than seeing Drakula’s mug.

  2. the truth Says:

    J Cole> Drake

    show nuff

  3. Ronny Goines aka The Clown with the tearaway face Says:

    THis nigga looks like an angry deer

    His music is hot though

  4. The Shot Clock aka I'm a Nahmerican Says:

    the jews gon love this one


    A Young Camel Calf.

  6. g7 Says:


  7. Harlem World Says:


  8. Isaiah Says:

    >>What I wanna know is what happened to the issue with Christina Milian’s tities on the cover?

    ^how do you mean? because i picked it up at my local Barnes & Noble. They were just releasing it on newstands, VIBE icksnayed sending it out to subscribers.

  9. Ronny Goines aka The Clown with the tearaway face Says:

    Waaaaaaaaait is this nigga wearing a wool sweater?

  10. Harlem World Says:

    *Sees Post*
    *May be on wrong blog*

  11. why? Says:

    Grammy Nominees –
    Song of the Year
    Poker Face – Lady Gaga
    Pretty Wings – Maxwell
    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – Beyoncé
    Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
    You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

    ^ Grammy’s would always be surprising people and I can imagine Maxwell winning but other than that it looks like this upcoming Grammy Awards is gonna be shit like every other award show lately.

  12. Harlem World Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WlsE5GuQRo > Jay Electronica

  13. Shooter Mcgavin Says:

    # PHENOMENON Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    A Young Camel Calf.
    quite accurate

  14. Ghost Writer Says:

    Drake > Camel > Jay-Z > R Kelly

  15. verses Says:

    # Harlem World Says:
    December 2nd, 2009 at 9:28 pm

    *Sees Post*
    *May be on wrong blog*


  16. agentORANGE Says:

    >>>the jews gon love this one


  17. Harlem World Says:


  18. Shooter Mcgavin Says:

    Fashion Forward: Cross Dressing with Amber Rose
    it all makes sense now

  19. izzy Says:

    “and JEW come with the claw”

  20. Noble Champ Says:

    the jews gon love this one
    Accurate as a sharpshooter

  21. NORTH DALLAS Says:

    ^^^^ yougay,right?.com

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! Daaaaaaaammm

  22. Incilin Says:

    I’m pretty sure that photo of Dream and Christina was inside the issue. I may be mistaken though.

  23. Sound Verite' Says:

    Vibe (really?) + Drake (expected.)….my mama said he you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say say jack.

  24. MONEY MAKIN Says:

    Yeah the photo was inside the issue, i saw that shit in 7/11 months back thinking “I thought they were never gonna put this issue out?”

    Oh well..

  25. Eviction Notice Says:

    Gay this niggas eyebrows look like an italian bitches landing strip

  26. bc-tw Says:

    Don’t tell me this terrorist is a Jew!
    What’s with that Hebrew pendant?
    Jews are the worst terrorists of all time!

  27. Hebew Hammer Says:

    I don’t really liek Drake all that much, cosign J.Cole>Drake, but he is repping that Chai,

    means TO life, hope he pronounces it better than Jay-Z.

    BC-TW, your act is tired. even as a joke.

  28. Beyonder Says:


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  31. JR Says:

    Haters… Drake reppin’ T.O

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