2010 Grammy Nominees


Flo-Rida being nominated for Best Rap Album is the most outrageous thing I’ve read all year. No BP3 because the cutoff is August 31.

Kanye leads in (rap) nominations, as he should.

No Rap in the Album of the Year, Best New Artist, or Record of the Year categories.

Best Rap Album
Common – Universal Mind Control
Eminem – Relapse
Flo Rida – R.O.O.T.S.
Mos Def – The Ecstatic
Q-Tip – The Renaissance

Best Rap Solo Performance
Drake – “Best I Ever Had”
Eminem – “Beautiful”
Jay-Z – “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”
Kid Cudi – “Day ‘N’ Nite”
Mos Def – “Casa Bey”

Best Rap Song
Drake – “Best I Ever Had”
Kid Cudi – “Day ‘N’ Nite”
T.I. & Justin Timberlake – “Dead And Gone”
Jay-Z – “D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune)”
Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – “Run This Town”

Best Rap Performance By a Duo or Group
Beastie Boys & Nas – “Too Many Rappers”
Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – “Crack A Bottle”
Fabolous & Jay-Z – “Money Goes, Honey Stay”
Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Common – “Make Her Say”
Kanye West & Young Jeezy – “Amazing”

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration
Beyoncé & Kanye West – “Ego”
Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo – “Knock You Down”
Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – “Run This Town”
The Lonely Island & T-Pain – “I’m On A Boat”
T.I. & Justin Timberlake – “Dead And Gone”

Full list @ Grammy.com

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148 Responses to “2010 Grammy Nominees”

  1. The Boss Ricky Ross Says:

    the shit is offensive… wtf did they think, we would be GREATFUL for the white woman?

    White people love movies where they civilize the savages.

  2. Peklo Says:

    # COIS Says:
    December 3rd, 2009 at 12:28 am

    the q-tip album was the best album that came out 08-09

    >>> “gettin up”and “we fight\we love” were two of my favorite songs last year, but i didn’t like the album as much as i thought i would. i’m glad to see the astract get a look, though

  3. spirit equality Says:

    of those 5 songs, drake’s is the best.

    of those five albums, q-tip’s is the best

  4. 40 Inc Says:



  5. @MusicNerdMusic Says:

    Im really hurt about this Flo Rida thing guys. My soul aches.

  6. Shooter Mcgavin Says:

    Rihanna Speaks on Nude Photo Leak:

    “They were for my boyfriend at the time,” … “if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel sorry for him”
    lol role model for young females right there

  7. why? Says:

    Cudi is probably knocked out right now because he got the news a few hours ago and was probably raging too hard that he passing out. I bet that people went to that Grammy nomination ceremony thinking that it was the actual Grammy’s. SMH.

  8. why? Says:

    passed > passing

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:

    the fuck you doing round ere blud?

    *spuds eng*

    RIGZ Says:

    December 2nd, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    ^^THIS motherfucker. Chats shit and then legs it. I see you Romez. I’m hittin up LDN in a week blud. Tell me which endz you’re in and I’ll come terrorise your whole crew.

    *gangster leans*

    *sips Ribena*

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    *spuds Rigga*


    D-Block still a fairy

  11. thatdrop.com Says:

    thatdrop.com gyeeaaaaahhhhhh.

  12. Jz Says:

    *plays 808s*

    Shit definitely got overlooked, but considering that these award shows are political….i guess i shouldn’t be surprised.

  13. EnglandRepresent Says:

    SPAM is never good

  14. brooklynstandup Says:

    no Losos Way
    no Jada
    no Slaughter House
    no Rick Ross

    they could have put slaughterhouse in the best rap group category at least

  15. nation Says:


  16. nation Says:

    >> That being said, The Calm isn’t total shit so far.

    yo, I read this whole comment and was gonna take it in stride and say fuck it, it’s constructive criticism. until I saw the e-mail and realized who it was

    Amp saying something nice about my site > any of the trash I’ve written up until now

  17. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Florida Evans > Flo Rida

  18. SPATE Magazine Says:

    They are worthy, I agree wit it

  19. Rockabye Says:

    Yo, this is gonna be T-Swizzle’s Grammy year. Unless it’s Bey’s.

    Anything but the Peas.

  20. moresickaMC Says:

    Renaissance should win best rap album

    itll b a good look for quality hiphop

  21. Rockabye Says:

    And someone should just throw a Tumblr of Nahments up. Doing just that’s halfway to a book deal anyway.

  22. TheCo!!inB Says:

    lmao @ people thinkin q tip will win rap album of the year.
    *goes back to eating peanut butter and jelly sammich*

  23. Rockabye Says:

    who actually listened to the damn album..


    I downloaded it and listened to it for the sake of giving it one honest listen. It’s trash. The singles are okay, especially the one that steals that Eiffel 65 construction and the one with Nelly Furtado. Nothing else bumps, and Flo Rida “talking about roots” just doesn’t work.

  24. ridalen Says:

    Q-Tip should win, Eminem will.

  25. Johnzzz Says:

    Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – “Crack A Bottle”

    Fuck 50 gonna get one…when Em carried the song

  26. trees Says:

    Row Dylan’d > Flo Rida

  27. mazi drop nigga Says:

    so rhianna sold the same as 50?
    you fags gonna say her career is over?
    its not about sales anymore

  28. H to the Says:

    because non rap fans or occasional rap fans go out and buy grammy winning rap albums, so they don’t wanna nominate anything too offbeat, offensive, or inaccessible.


    I’m a fan of Relapse but it was probably the most offensive you could get with an album without being ignorant. Step-father ass rape felching and licking fermunda cheese. So that’s not why. It’s album sales for sure.

  29. mazi drop nigga Says:

    biggumskiller lives forever

  30. ridalen Says:

    because non rap fans or occasional rap fans go out and buy grammy winning rap albums, so they don’t wanna nominate anything too offbeat, offensive, or inaccessible.


    I’m a fan of Relapse but it was probably the most offensive you could get with an album without being ignorant. Step-father ass rape felching and licking fermunda cheese. So that’s not why. It’s album sales for sure.


    naw hes right. em is always the exception to rules….he can say more cuz hes white

  31. farsideoff Says:

    anybody mind passing me that gucci?

    farsideoff at gmail . com

  32. farsideoff Says:

    or nevermind, i guess it hasn’t leaked yet.

  33. Miami Music Says:

    I agree with Captain Planet. I got nothing but love for Flo and his success on the radio, but musically, with deep writing no one touches my man Rick Ross. He’s the BAWSE! Check out Rick Ross – Diamonds and Maybachs Part 2 Video here : http://305hiphop.com/content/rick-ross-and-triple-cs-diamonds-and-maybachs-pt2

  34. costhekid.blogspot.com Says:

    daaaamn best duo performance , wiz khalifa and currensy aint even on the list?! those niggas kill their shows!

  35. Prophecy_projectz Says:

    I remember the cut off date used to be like end of September/early October. Cause Graduation got nominated for 2008 and won and that came out Sept 11 2007…

  36. duck Says:

    how is raekwon not on the best album list?

  37. Beyonder Says:

    The Lonely Island & T-Pain – “I’m On A Boat” = Grammy’s don’t take hip-hop seriously…

    And watch that shit win…but you know, that might actually be good. Maybe we’ll get more substance back in commercial rap.

  38. ox90 Says:

    Aubrey Drake Gra(ha)mmy?

  39. brandonbayer Says:

    Flo Rida? No Rae? At least get the Wale album on there instead of Flo Rida

  40. jnelly Says:

    Kid Cudi should win best solo but they’ll probably give it to Jay just because

  41. Kanye Carter Says:

    Flo Rida’s nominated for Best Rap Album? More like Best CRAP album. Hopefully, that commercial flop won’t win. Same goes to The Lonely Island’s I’m On A Boat having a nominee. smh this year’s grammy award nods are pure mainstream irony.

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  43. mike Says:

    mannn are you people nuts sayin q tip gunna win that shit went double silicone nobody bought that shit and you no damn well grammys go by the sales they dont base it on the critics ratings…. yeah it eas a pretty good album but if nobody bought it it couldnt have been a grammy winner… eminem gunna win

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  47. Rod-Man Says:

    I kinda hope ‘I’m On A Boat’ wins just to show people how easy it is to show up a lot of the mainstream out there. Maybe it’ll give real rappers some incentive to now allow such a thing to happen again.

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