Video: XO – Do It

Here’s the first leak off XO’s new project One One Ten.

About the video:

“DO iT” was shot in the historic district off Howell Mill in ATL last month. This Gritty Masterpiece, shot by PhiltheGod/43FiLMS, takes You on a lyrical journey while navigating through so much decay and distruction.

The actual surroundings are what’s left of the 1st Cotton Mill built in Atlanta, some hundred plus years ago.

Download: XO – Do It

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9 Responses to “Video: XO – Do It”

  1. Mr p Says:

    X.O from the A?

  2. Smear Says:

    209. Smear Says:
    December 1st, 2009 at 11:12 am

    I tryin to find out who produced track 9 “strong enough”

    apparently its produced by: “Nascent and QB Da Problem”
    shits dope, 50 stays digging up relatively unknown producers

    My scroll game must not be up to par this morn, cause I missed it. Care to reiterate?
    here ya go b-ease:

    Listening to Til the Casket Drops its suddenly become clear to me…. Pusha T is Rick Ross’ ghostwriter!! Think about it now, Ross was spitting his cocaine raps better than ever on Deeper Than cRap, yet when he threw out an off the cuff diss track at 50, shit was complete garbage. Listenin to TTCD Pusha’s flow/cadence is similar to Ross’s recent work in parts (see:Champion and Doorman). This explains why Clipse have collaborated with rap’s most blatant fraud coke-rapper, why Ross’ flow has improved so much, certain beat selections, the list goes on.
    As well as Pusha gettin checks under the table from Def Jam, the officer formerly known as William Roberts is using his extensive contacts in correctonal facilities as a paid up member of the CO’s union to help ensure certain favors are afforded to the recently incarcerated brethren of the Thornton brothers.
    See! It all makes sense, clear as day!
    And the prosecution rests.
    *leans back and laces fingers behind head in satisfaction* (nope)

  3. Plug Says:

    apparently its produced by: “Nascent and QB Da Problem”
    shyts dope, 50 stays digging up relatively unknown producers
    heck yeah. I wonder how he cycles thru beats from unknowns. He did that wit that beat “man down” from his last cd. it was some unknown white dude from MSU. incedently, dude murked himself

  4. Plug Says:


    thats right thats right thats right

    ohhhh right oohhh right

  5. Smear Says:

    Detroit red? nahhh, I think your thinkin of that other cat Disco D( ski mask way, among others)..topped himself innit??

  6. gogoluver Says:

    Response to Mr. P

    XO is from Washington D.C…uptown to be exact.

  7. GRS Says:

    I like Yu & Oddisee better, no hate though.

  8. cozy Says:

    x.o from d.c that shit is hot big up homie X.O

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