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KiD CuDi – CudderisBack Freestyle

Some brand new CuDi, courtesy of DatNewCudi.

KiD CuDi – CudderisBack Freestyle

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10 Responses to “KiD CuDi – CudderisBack Freestyle”

  1. Leekss Says:

    Can we get hyyyyyyyyyerrrr

  2. Mr. Damn, He Ain't Coppin' That, Is He? Says:

    i mean it’s funny because out of nowhere he’s like, “I DON’T BE SEEIN U POSTIN LV RECEIPTS, YOU CHUBBY, YOU BURNT OUT”

    nicca this ain’t hoodtalk

    cats ain’t posting fake car titles and fake receipts from mall purchases

    mainly because around here – we don’t give a fuck. only thing we care about is your opinion on music and whether it’s treal or not

    but now this cat wanna pop shots? lol. pop shots. i don’t buy LV. but i could buy you. and i’ll post the title to your ass on NR. i’ll have your mom co-sign it on some “I hereby deliver title to my son to Mr. Chea for $211.82 and a box of Newports.” i don’t buy LV because i don’t want to. but i’ll skrate up purchase you, homie. i’ll put you in my safe deposit box in the bank like “Yeah I’m depositing this nicca, just throw him a few pieces of bread every day to keep him alive – thanks.”

  3. A.D. Says:

    Hootie brung the gully outta chea, your in rare form.

  4. catch me up on jupiter Says:

    onsmash has that chip tha rapper

  5. beantownbeaner11 Says:

    @ Mr damn….

    truth speaker

    @kid cudi

    vampire weekend aint always the right sample for ya weak flow

    that is all.

  6. A.D. Says:

    A family got a house built for them from extreme makeover: home edition and now their facing foreclosure. That’s foul. Why build the house knowing your going to be living above your means…

  7. MK47 Says:

    LOL @ the hootie ethering. Anyone remember the ferret pictures of him and Twan?

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