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Video: On The Level w/ Dame Dash

For their latest episode of their “On The Level” podcast, Streetlevel.com catches up with the one and only Damon Dash.

BlakRoc, DD172, Karate School, Creative Control. These are buzzwords that have been floating through the industry for the past few weeks. These words all have one common denominator, Dame Dash. In the interview with Streetlevel.com, Dame gives insight on everything from the making of BlakRoc, the state of the industry and existence of “Wack World”.

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23 Responses to “Video: On The Level w/ Dame Dash”

  1. London Bloke Says:

    London Bloke Says:
    November 30th, 2009 at 5:58 pm
    Yo Land if you see this (n) I respectfully disagree with your negative review of the latest GFK album.

    Me thinks it’s pretty good. Mature sound, progression, features from small artist to give them a chance [kinda], good songs and topics, amazing storytelling as always and even couple hits

    If Jayz had made it the stans would be going nuts

    for anyone wondering, new GFK is atleast 7.5 outta 10.

  2. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    33 min interview ….pass


  3. verses Says:

    # NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:
    November 30th, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    33 min interview ….pass


    *decides to watch*

  4. Smoke Greene Says:

    That GFK album isn’t horrible but I don’t wanna hear that shit. A buncha 3rd tier singers make it more of a novelty then a true GFK album.

  5. Gregory Law Says:

    Damn, Dash went @ Jay in such an honest way. Cryptic, but – we get your message, Dame. Down with wack world.

  6. Leonard Washington aka The Silky Johnson of Nahright Says:

    Isn’t Ironic that a nigga the contibuted to the first dimise of Hip Hop is a major force in it’s rebirth

  7. Kane Says:

    Eskay is the fucking kind of “Whack World” sooo funny!!!! How does it feel fam……Your a fraud…. But now your selling your sould fast to get into whack world!!

    Its soooo funny how much of Jay Z swag he got from Dame Dash!!

    Now look Jazzy sold his soul for whack world…

  8. kedordu Says:

    Isn’t Ironic that a nigga the contibuted to the first dimise of Hip Hop is a major force in it’s rebirth .. what the fuck are u talking about ??

  9. cat Says:

    He calls that a “television network.” Oooooof….

  10. Paul Cain Says:

    There’s a great deal of irony in his message. He never cared about the money. BULLLLL SHITTTTT.

    This comes from the self-proclaimed ‘cake-a-holic’ who used to brag in interviews about how he’d throw away sneakers after using them once.

    What Dame is doing by saying he doesnt care about sales is to dismiss a comparison in the commercial success of his projects with Jay’s ventures.

    Because he’s burnt so many bridges he’s trying to rebuild partnerships and understands that he needs (at least publicly) to project an image of modesty and sincerity.

    These ‘fed-up’ artists he’s championed also create a hierarchy within themselves that is more exclusive than accessible.

    My hats off to Dame Dash to being a relentless businessman but I just don’t buy the hokey ‘all about artistry’ message he’s conveying.

    Whatever private investors he has contributing to his projects are gonna wanna see a return soon.

    And you know what?

    I hope he does it. Everyone deserves a second chance

    God bless him and good luck.

  11. Kane Says:



  12. kedordu Says:

    @paul cain rocafella wasnt about sales .. it was about making hot music . if it was about sales all those albums woulda been more formulaic .. jayz woulda sold 7-8mil per album .. u really think jay couldnt make empire state of mind back in the day ??? they were making street music .the roc didnt sell that well they made great music .. roc made way more money from its other ventures than the music ..

    the fact that micheal jackson didnt get credited on girls girls shows they didnt need that sorta marketing to make bp sell .

  13. kedordu Says:

    i said all that to say that when it came down to ‘music ‘.. it wasnt about the money ..’

  14. cat Says:

    Go away LOSER Dame.

    The only thing whack is YOU.

    Jay-Z bitches!

  15. ekb Says:

    great fucking interview

  16. Big Money Says:

    It’s easy for Dame to talk anti corporate because he got booted out.

    Don’t sit there and try to fool people like dude ain’t focused on being business savvy no more thats why he’s talking disrtibution via Universal/ Warner e.t.c, he may not want to do walmart, bestbuy e.t.c purely due to cost lets keep it 100.

    Jay has always been about music, his whole career. He puts out the best albums and puts together the best shows. No other rapper does concerts like Jay apart from Kanye, Snoop & Diddy most rappers just adlib and lipsynch there records over wack sound systems, Jay took it to another level.

    Ths Blac Rock sh!t i’m not buying into it, I still love Run DMC e.t.c but bootlegiing that era ain’t cool. I wish Dame all the success, I hate seeing dude in his position because he inspired me a lot but he did some foul shit but hopefully everybody will just put out great music, coz thats what we care about at the end of the day.

  17. The Limit Says:

    Welcome to Wack World!

  18. donkilluminati Says:

    lol @ jay z. wack world king pin.

  19. donkilluminati Says:

    lovin dame right now.

  20. Nah Right » Video: On The Level w/ J. Cole Says:

    […] Previously: On The Level w/ Dame Dash (Video) […]

  21. Sye Says:

    Ludacris is a part of wack world, that’s so wack.

  22. Dj Dodge Says:

    Dame Dash is making much sense in this interview, he sounds like he’s finally eaten enuff humble pie to recognize what’s important in this music business after his cake-o-holic days.
    He began in the creative world but joined ‘wack world’ himself for many years, welcome back Dame.
    Wack World is the enemy of creativity, that’s why the radio and video channels sound and look like they do.
    Some of the cats he’s rolling with now are creative cats and creative cats will always be the foundation of the music business.
    I just hope Dame remembers this time around to be humble, moved humbly !!

  23. J THOMAS Says:


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