Birdman’s New Tat


He Blooded.

via MOP

Previously: Birdman – 4 My Town (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne) + Mo Milly (feat. Bun B & Drake) + I Want It All (feat. Lil Wayne & Kevin Rudolf)

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55 Responses to “Birdman’s New Tat”

  1. bandobullets Says:

    woahhh wainowwwww

  2. MK47 Says:

    That’s the dumbest shit I’ve seen since Game’s butterfly tattoo.

  3. George Says:

    Game’s tattoo is still the worst though.

  4. verses Says:


  5. Troyvul Says:

    I dont see nothing wrong with that

  6. Dewill Says:

    OH SHIT!!!


  7. Grand Master Says:

    other than the fact he looks like a fuckin Dragonball?

  8. verses Says:

    eskay, cant watch that guilty interview at work…he say anythin bout that random axe album?

  9. nessnice Says:

    smh… wayne tat stars on the side of his face and now this???

  10. verses Says:

    this stupid fucker got a star fish from the little mermaid on his head…

  11. PsicoMagia Says:


  12. silas aka simon Says:

    all these young dudes get tats like its ther job

    they better hope for a 40 year career in the biz cuz that shiz will not fly anywhere else

  13. FiShGrEaSe aka havemywaywityagirlRkellyherface Says:

    that ain’t a star thats a target 4 weezy to nut on. Hit the middle of the star get 5 points

  14. fuckouttahere Says:

    you know you got too much many to blow and too much free time on your hands when you gettin shit like that!!


  15. C. Dufflebags Says:

    these niggas is bums. rich ass bums.

  16. verses Says:

    …and to compliment birdshit’s new tatt of a astarfish, lil wanye will get finding nemo tatted on his face…but a red one, cause they is bloods…

  17. fuckouttahere Says:


    no homo

  18. silas aka simon Says:

    birdman z , whoever was with him when this was done is not i repeat not a true friend

  19. Envius Says:

    other than the fact he looks like a fuckin Dragonball?

    L M A O

  20. Brian “Baby” “Birdman” Williams Is A Star…… Says:

    […] Nah Right Share and Enjoy: […]

  21. De_Here Says:

    it’s a target for Weezy….no ayo

  22. dat koon nigga Says:

    what a fucking jackass
    even with what ever scraps the record business has left and the monkey gets

    i would not want to be this dumb fuck

    a jig with a star on his head

    rub it for good luck nigger

  23. deezhul Says:


  24. The Fresh Addict Says:



    # Grand Master Says:
    November 30th, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    other than the fact he looks like a fuckin Dragonball?



  26. The Nicest Says:

    Its official this muhfucker wayne got the birdman on the syrup!!!!dude is trippin first the best rapper is the one who makes the most scril and now this cmon dude

  27. Philly Says:


  28. owwww Says:

    I’m about to go out like a real compton nigga hiv niggas

  29. owwww Says:

    I’m about to go out like a real compton nigga hiv niggas

  30. Gregory Law Says:

    Representing the 5 point values of the Bloods? Get the eff out.

    It’s an upside down 5 pointed star – do you really need insight into what it stands for?

  31. HaS aka Mr. GooDBaR Says:

    Niggers. It matches his “son”‘s tat on his throat. Colored people will never overcome.

  32. Q Says:

    >other than the fact he looks like a fuckin Dragonball?

    I fucking lost it.

  33. wtf Says:

    Game’s tattoo is still the worst though.

    perfect example of a dumb muthafucka

  34. izzy Says:

    someone needs to put a bullet directly in the center of that star, SMFH

  35. coldblooded Says:

    First Wayne and Birdman kiss mouth to mouth *pause* Then they both get star tattoos. I can see them now *spoken using autotune* Hey Wayne as long as we together you the little star but I am the bigger star *points to head and forgets to pause* SMH lol

  36. king blair Says:

    At least the birds know where to drop the shit

  37. Don Garcia Says:

    He’s fuckin’ rich! He can do whatever he likes to, because he does not need to get a bad payed gas station job like you nahggers! (that doesn’t mean that he is good at rappin though…)

  38. Acrobat Says:

    SMH at this….rap is fuckin’ Minstrel Show (c) Little Brother
    Regardless of if he lived it or not…now Birdman is making millions off of claiming, showing off all this Blood shit.
    trying to imitate all this shit will only get brothers a one way ticket to the bing.

    Wake Up.

  39. isak Says:

    he needs a hoby. and some hair to cover up this shit

  40. ag09 Says:

    this mother fucker suks at everything… wayne feeding his ass now….wayne > your name > your best friends name > your mom > prostate cancer exam > birdman! haha

  41. yung menace Says:

    birdman a fake blood.. wayne a real 1 prolly

  42. Da Devious One Says:

    wow…shaking my head at a 63 year old man getting a tattoo on his skull…what is this world coming too…almost as gay as when he got waynes birthday tattooed on his body….this dude is lamer than a handicapped parking spot

  43. spanish jay Says:

    When I read the rss feed I imagined this would be awful, one could not imagine it was this bad

  44. thekid10705 Says:

    This is this crazy shit I ever seen.. Hands Down!!

  45. Allahbornsgod M Allah aka keep it baggy not faggy Says:

    Peace to u 85% fools. This is this faggopt nigga with a satanic symbol on the top of his dome(also symbolic)b.u.t u punks don’t wanna build with the god. Y’all wanna destroy about how this shit look and compare it to other who have a tat above the neck.
    B.u.t some(85ers)won’t get it. This punk paying homage to the devil and got y’all arguing over b.s.

    This dude knows that the blackman is god b.u.t he telling u that he rolling with the devil.
    If anyone readng this run into duke on the humble could u please punch him in the face for me.

  46. SoulnoS Says:

    Someone needs to tell these bitches that one week out of the month with a red rag between their legs doesn’t make them bloods.

    Ok, I’m done.

  47. Says:

    WTF! That shiet is whack!!
    thatdrop aint though!

  48. TH Says:

    dude your over 40???? why?

  49. Beyonder Says:

    The f*ck? When did Heineken switch to a brown bottle?

    Co-sign the Dragonball Z observation.

  50. djh2o Says:

    it’s like a target for ppl to shit on…as if he didn’t already have one of those…

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