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30 Seconds To Mars feat. Kanye West – Hurricane


From rock group 30 Seconds To Mars’ This Is War (12/8) album.

You might remember this collabo was revealed in April, when Kanye posted a photo with the band’s frontman Jared Leto.

30 Seconds To Mars feat. Kanye West – Hurricane


… sounds 808 & Heartbreak-ish.

Previously: Kanye West – I’m So Appalled (prod. No I.D. & Kanye West) [NoDJ]

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23 Responses to “30 Seconds To Mars feat. Kanye West – Hurricane”

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  2. J_Bales Says:

    lol @ no comments on this yet

  3. georgey Says:

    tigers >> most animals

  4. georgey Says:

    tigers >> kanye vest

  5. p Says:

    sounds fucking terrible is how it sounds.

    why does jered leto insist on keeping this shitty band going? and why does kanye seem to always work with the biggest douches in rock music?

  6. Austin Says:


  7. Dorough Says:

    Was this produced by The Klassikz?

  8. DerekBrad Says:

    You are right Kanye’s rap does sound very 808 & Heartbreak ish.

  9. TheCoolest Says:

    Damn, I was hoping that Ye would rap on this….

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  11. shakildwz Says:

    Gay fish yah

  12. THE CORNER – music, style, culture, etc. » Blog Archive » Kanye Collaborates With 30 Seconds To Mars on “Hurricane” Says:

    […] I’m going to try and make this the last time I mention 30 Seconds To Mars. Really. There seems to be a lot of hype around these guys in New Zealand at the moment — maybe someone knows something I don’t (my guess is a tour?) — and this has got to be the most debatable collaboration of the year. Actually, there was that Lil’ Wayne feature on the new Weezer album recently so maybe it’s a tie for first place. But at least Kanye isn’t rapping. Hurricane has Yeezy taking the 808’s role once again, all auto-tuned to death with zero bravado, plus, you know, the songs kind of boring. I don’t want the decade to go out like this. [Nah Right] […]

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  15. Alex Says:

    There is also a nice cover of Kanye West by 30 seconds :

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  17. rastamayne Says:

    This. Song. Sucks. Post 808’s Kanye, not so much.

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  20. Diney Tiko Says:

    I quite like this song, all I’ve read about this is negativity and I think it’s actually pretty good, but then again I’m a huge fan of both Kanye and 30 Seconds and this is totally my genre of music.
    It has quite a powerful vibe to it. I’ll be keeping a look out for their new album.

  21. brandy Says:

    Kanye West is NOT featured on THIS IS WAR…The version of Hurricane with Kanye was not included on the album. THE END.
    Thirty Seconds TO Mars own Kanye West for 3STM actually CARE about their FANS.

  22. hb Says:

    first of all kayne west is not on the album this is war…..and just to say tht 30stm does own kayne west because 30stm actually care and believe in their loyal fans. thank-you. btw the album is awesome i dont get y people are giving them so much crap about it.

  23. Nah Right » Video: Kanye West – Power (Live @ MTV EMA’s) Says:

    […] to Mars’ pre-show performance at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid to perform “Hurricane” (towards the 3:12 mark) and then does the beginning of […]

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