Video: Rick Ross Talks Luxury w/

Rick Ross and Ferris Bueller discuss expensive shit and I’ve never seen Ross smile so hard. Maybach Music.

“wheels look like a ferris, your jeweler should be embarrassed” – Rick Ross on Angels (Remix)

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10 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross Talks Luxury w/”

  1. cOLD Says:

    some dudes had just only a year of balling…

    ^stop playing Nas.

  2. Vhingrhamesonyo'momma Says:

    sweatin clothes is femalien! y’all sound like hoes.

  3. cOLD Says:

    niggas chasing behind these european designers, they take your money and call you nigger monkey. shits disgusting b.

  4. dr.manhatten Says:

    oh and what do that cats the own the labels, comp that post ad’s on this site and others that make it possible to have sites like this say about us, shit look @ what we say about us. your quick to judge try reading his site, and peep that the luxury sign fades in and out, its a metaphor to show that luxury is not real its an allusion like most things in life, kinda like how your comment is an allusion disguseing your own inscureties- ONE

  5. red parker Says:

    GAY! sounds like bitches cluckin’ bout shopping. LMAO! really? since when did clothes matter more than flows ross? that’s hip-hop rape homie. shameless.

  6. » Blog Archive » Luxury 101 With & Rick Ross Says:

    […] The homie Spiff TV in there too. Lots of money can = lots of high end fashion. I live in a house, drive a Lexus, and I am very comfortable in Levis denim & white T’s, so all that Louis Vuitton/Gucci talk, ya’ll can keep that shit. Spotted @ NahRight. […]

  7. Baw$e Says:

    I’d like to see what you guys wear….dirty t’s and pajama pants…if you do you sure don’t want 2! Can’t wait for rick raw$e clothing line…Maybach Music

  8. ri067953 Says:

    ^^^mayne, ya’ll read my mind cuz these fools be sounding like homos talking about all the fashion and shit. It’s cool to be fly, but when you put so much effort into, it kinda sounds gay.

  9. Sye Says:

    I like Rick Ross’s music but damn he’s a fucking lame. Put it this way if he was really street I would never sell Rick Ross anything or do any dirt with him.

  10. Edstarr Says:

    “i luv that arrogant look right there…that’s money! lol!

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