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Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – Le Da Soul: 20 Years of De La Soul


Presented by Lemar & Dauley, the architects of the Le Da Soul t-shirt.

Inspired by 20 years of greatness from hip-hop’s most consistent group (and our personal favorite), De La Soul, this project unites the cream of the crop in hiphop… including old school legends (Phife, Camp Lo and Skillz), current hitmakers (Talib Kweli and Kardinal Offishall) and future stars (U-N-I, Tanya Morgan and Tabi Bonney) to remake their favorite De La classics.

Originally stemming from Mick Boogie’s popular VH1 Honor Roll mixtape last year, we worked with our favorite artists and producers to create an astounding 20 remakes! One for every year of De La history!

Hit the jump for the impressive track list along with the download link.

Great job on this one guys.


1. Intro: Senor Kaos, Von Pea and Homeboy Sandman (produced by Dave West)
2. Me Myself and I: Kardinal Offishall (produced by Diabolic)
3. Pease Porridge: Phife Dawg (produced by Dj Rasta Root)
4. Breakdawn: Tanya Morgan (produced by 6th Sense)
5. Oooh: Fly Union (produced by Fly Union)
6. Baby Phat: Skillz & Colin Monroe (produced by nVMe)
7. Stakes Is High part 1: U-N-I (produced by 6th Sense)
8. Say No Go: Chaundon, Esso + The Kickdrums (produced by The Kickdrums)
9. Rock Co Kane Flow: Shawn Christopher & Pheo (produced by Garbs)
10. Ego Trippin: Asheru (produced by The Els)
11 Ooodles of O’s: Camp Lo (produced by Apple Juice Kid)
12. Sunshine: Christian Rich + Curtains (produced by Christian Rich)
13. Plug Tunin’: Tabi Bonney + Stalley (produced by Judah)
14. Hey Love: Chip Tha Ripper (produced by Remot)
15. The Bizness: Big Pooh, Butta Verses, and 6th Sense (produced by 6th Sense)
16. I Am I Be: 6th Sense (produced by Hasan Insane)
17. Eye Know: Daytona & Mike Maven (produced by 6th Sense)
18. Saturdays: Niko Villamor, Brittany Street & Kidd Neer (produced by SMKA)
19. Watch Out: J.Sands (produced by J. Rawls)
20. Stakes Is High part 2: Talib Kweli (produced by eJones)

Download: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – Le Da Soul: 20 Years of De La Soul

Check out Mick & Terry’s blog: The Press Play Show.

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16 Responses to “Mick Boogie & Terry Urban – Le Da Soul: 20 Years of De La Soul”

  1. Kevin Zachary Arnelius III Says:

    Kevin Zachary Arnelius III Says:

    November 25th, 2009 at 1:23 pm
    This shit is too quiet in here..Where nah at?

    Hoots is out buying truckloads of turkeys to hand out to the less fortunate right now….

    Beezy is out buyin turkey shaped lollipops to use as bait for small malnourished children

    Ice is out lookin for a jello mold the shape of JayZ face..but dont eat the lips, the lips are for Ice

    Tribes momma has to keep the turkey neckhole covered up when shes not around..never know what that boy will stick his shit into

  2. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Lol @ cOLD, I’m about to hit the bar in a few. Shit is dead at my job so getting sloshed it is.

    You fuck with BlakRoc? Dames rock niggas?

  3. Kevin Zachary Arnelius III Says:

    Rick the Interns thanksgiving consists of half of a turkey club sandwich he found in the dumpster and a bunch of sobbing

  4. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Kevin =?

  5. D_Block_4_Life Says:



  6. Kevin Zachary Arnelius III Says:

    It aint hard to tell

  7. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Oh ok.

  8. SDP aka the somali pirate Says:

    d block kevin is ya boy from the geek squad at your local best buy

    that nigga been advertisin tech shit all mornin

  9. cOLD Says:


    ^ my old stomping grounds, not that it matters but this is my old block (no St Andrews pl)
    You fuck with BlakRoc? Dames rock niggas?

    ^ yea I’m liking what I’ve heard so far…

    cOLD, why the Wiz Khalifa hate?

    ^nah no hate… he just aint talking to me is all.

  10. cOLD Says:

    yo D-Block that dont step on the flowers is part of the blak roc project..?

  11. TheCoolest Says:

    Three Feet High & Rising…..

  12. Immaletufinish Says:

    Check out this other Mick Boogie project. Shit goes hard http://download.itsaslowrise.com

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  15. Mike Says:

    dope project to be a part of…big ups to mick boogie.

    check out track 18

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