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Kanye West – I’m So Appalled [NoDJ]


Originally leaked on a Big Mike mixtape.

Kanye West – I’m So Appalled [NoDJ] | Mediafire


Produced by No I.D. & Kanye West.

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31 Responses to “Kanye West – I’m So Appalled [NoDJ]”

  1. barak's ex preacher was right white people Says:

    I’m appalled at that bald headed chick in the photo


    I’m kind of disappointed that this is not Kanye’s own work but, hey, still dope right??

    But I am curious about the final product. Hopefully the other contributing “artists” won’t ruin it.



  4. Ito_Rivera Says:

    This shit is manufactured crack.

  5. Cen Says:

    Ye Season

  6. The Shot Clock aka I'm a Nahmerican Says:

    Martin Louis

  7. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Nah that skin headed strumpet is tidy. I’d knock the back end out of her.

  8. J Dela AKA Your Favorite Commenter's Favorite Lurker Says:

    i want to rub amber rose’s greased head over my scrotum… (II)

  9. Tong Po Flo Says:

    I’m aroused at that bald headed chick in the photo


  10. barak's ex preacher was right white people Says:

    yeah I’d blast that bald headed geeche myself but uhhh she wouldn’t be out in public with me, on the real though I couldn’t fuck with a bitch with less hair than me, get a weave or wig that I can’t pull off while I’m all in those guts or something

  11. A tribe called quest aka The Yankees are my daddy But my comment is still the greatest of all time Says:

    I’m appalled at that bald headed chick in the photo

    –Well that makes you a homo, congratulations

  12. Gravity Says:

    Exhibit C >>>>>>>

  13. De_Here Says:

    amber rose….shawtys body is serious

  14. Mag Says:

    Village people…

  15. 1sHOtdeal Says:

    Kanye should just keep this track to himself .. Im appalled Diddy will be on this. Ye back on his shit.

  16. ridalen Says:

    I’m appalled at that bald headed chick in the photo


    quit at life.

  17. The Shot Clock aka I'm a Nahmerican Says:

    *dead* @ Amber lookin tougher than Ye.

  18. Gravity Says:

    I’m officially steady waiting on JayE to spit that raw hiphop, potential bigger than the equator, lining ni99as up, predicting the future like cleo, we don’t get down, ne-yo, voice of the people, struggle lay’d up like fritos, tito jack back piff’n that crack, only flowers lay on they stomach, that new age shit is wack…. somebody call biz markie, the arc is full, only two.. opposite sexes, creaming depositing birth, the slums run like RUN.. D MC is endangered but i’m here to save’ya. savor the feeling, i’m peeling thru these cracks, rosy flowery gums, niggas get back to spittin’ like phlems out your lungs.. till i’m dead and gone, the streets beating up gongs, exposing thong rappers like strippers on a pole, who? you rigging poles like carolina, got my eyes on a nin’er..I dislocate your spine’a , chords ravelling boards.. the hiphop master..

  19. Gravity Says:

    Ay yo, I got my green up, Hulk flipping thru your screen, no cable, guys is rednecked when I slice the blade, you a new jack, stop twisting’em braids, I sprayed the scene, left your bitch 10lbs leaner, ni99as crying over cream, all syruppy like a carter doc– Mentally you can’t stand next to me, your noodle is doodoo like boo-boo numbers, calling on the gods, Asalam Alakum to ya..

  20. Sye Says:

    Amber Rose is ass hole ugly.

  21. whoa Says:

    wow nah right is like a real mp3 blog now and actually has its own music player. im impressed guys, huge step up from that sharbee shit.

  22. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    Does Jay Electronica have anything officially released? I want the real thing, not some 192kbps mp3 from some asshole’s music folder.

  23. Mr.Londoner Says:


    Think the only thing he’s officially released is “Exhibit A”
    smh at rappers with buzz not doing anything with it..

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  25. vbg Says:


  26. Christian Vegas Says:

    Before you say that this shit is “crack” because it’s Kanye rapping on this track try listening to the song again. This is the worst song I’ve ever heard Kanye rap. I’m glad that it’s not actually going on one of his albums. Shit, this doesn’t even belong on a Freshman Adjustment mixtape.

    Fuckin’ Redick-luss

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