Ester Dean feat. Lil Wayne – Drop It Low (Remix)


Still remixing…

Ester Dean feat. Lil Wayne – Drop It Low (Remix) | Clean


Splash via Bottom Feeder

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14 Responses to “Ester Dean feat. Lil Wayne – Drop It Low (Remix)”

  1. J Dela AKA Your Favorite Commenter's Favorite Lurker Says:

    “the carter” doc made me appreciate syrup’d high-as-fuck autotuned wayne as > then wayne actually spittin’ for bars…

  2. Carlos Voltron AKA Dixie Normous Says:

    Peace to you nahgers… hope y’all enjoy your holiday hell day.

  3. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    LF: Mannie Fresh did more in 2 yrs than Dr. Dre has done in a lifetime.

  4. The Shot Clock aka I'm a Nahmerican Says:

    weezy the workhorse.

  5. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Ester kinda look good tho

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  7. SDP aka the somali pirate Says:

    YOUNG MULA!!!!

  8. JR Says:

    wayne killed it

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  11. Katiee Says:

    i love this songgggg:D

  12. nay Says:

    wayne killed it ayee

  13. maosn Says:

    lil wayne is the fucking shit

  14. starr Says:

    i fukkin luvv lil wayne he go hard 2 tha fullest….dizz song iz poppin

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