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Video: Nola Darling – Step To Me (Co-Starring Melo-X & Double-O)

The AOK Collective affiliated duo are joined by Melo-X and the homie Double-O of Kidz in the Hall on this cut from their upcoming EP, A Rude Gal’s Guide To…

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7 Responses to “Video: Nola Darling – Step To Me (Co-Starring Melo-X & Double-O)”

  1. Troyvul Says:


  2. KUTTA Says:

    i would surgically affix my mouth to Ri-Ri’s pussy.

  3. &What?! Says:




    Today it would appear that way anyway… dudes been on some MAJOR HOMO talk today, smh.

  4. verses Says:

    cant listen to this at work but i can guess what jim jones is sayin…

    Im Dipset…smell me? Ya Dig? I make money smell me? I got that splashy swag ya dig? I desicribe my business dealings only through worn out cliches ya dig? Like teaching someone how to fish, smell me? Because Imma illiterate bum ya dig?

  5. Biscuit Booty Says:

    50 sold under 177k

    wow, the anti-stans are gonna have a field day.

  6. FAT TONY Says:

    nice shit, nola darling! good song & cool video. heard about them through my boy Shaka.

  7. CHIGETTER Says:

    This is crap.

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