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Video: DJ Enuff’s Hip-Hop Fun Fact (“Reservoir Dogs”)

Enuff explains how, back in ’98, Isaac Hayes asked his opinion about whether he should allow Jay to sample “The Theme From Shaft” for what would eventually become “Reservoir Dogs”. He reasons that just maybe if he had told Isaac something like, “nah, don’t do it, Jay-Z’s a chump”, the song may have never happened.

So who ended up with the best verse on the track? I’ve always been of the opinion that it’s between Jay and Styles, but I’d probably lean towards Jay. That’s one argument that will go on forever.

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24 Responses to “Video: DJ Enuff’s Hip-Hop Fun Fact (“Reservoir Dogs”)”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    Styles P>>>>> Jigga

  2. Joe 88 Says:

    Sauce Money had the best verse on Reservoir Dogs

  3. spirit equality Says:

    Jay bodied it. Sauce is runner-up.

  4. Premier Says:

    Sauce Money all the way, Jay-z then jada, styles it depends though

  5. Premier Says:

    Matter of fact all 4 did great on the song but I think Sauce Money killed it


    Hov took that.

  7. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Y’all Crazy
    Reservoir Dogs:


  8. Mr p Says:

    Sauce Money all the way, Jay-z then jada, styles
    Co sign the order. Question, does sheek have the least fav verse on every song he’s on?

  9. e.d.g.e. Says:

    Jada crushed that song….”Gangstas don’t die they get chubby, and move to Miami” sick.

  10. paychexx Says:

    sauce money….

  11. D Says:

    lol @ I’d probably lean towards Jay.

    you always lean towards jay

  12. Mike Says:

    Jay, styles, beans, jada

  13. Kane Says:

    One argument that wont go on forever is the argument that your a total fag!! No one will dispute that shit!! Your just fucking gay!!

  14. PHD Says:

    Jay then Sauce, beans styles, beans , jada

  15. De_Here Says:

    niggas is sleepin on Sheek’s verse

  16. Sombody Just Tellin It Like It Iz Says:

    Everyone mirked this , it’s a hip-hop classic for real….I think Jay had the best verse on it though. The word play was crazy especially for the time it came out about a decade ago

  17. - keka - Says:

    ..i got to agree on that both styles and jay killed that…
    well, they all went in on the song .. but, them to hit it home….

    and, @De_Here : for real ninjas sleeping on sheek’s verse…

  18. ebusy617 Says:

    Styles>Jay>Sauce>Beans=Jada.Sheek ,Im bout to go to hell wit you blow an L wit u let the whole world know im spittin let em kno the shellz hit u i tell niggas quick suck dick get a glock cuz my name ring bells like sunday at 12 o’clock. one of the hottest shit any MC ever said but Jay illed too with that you hear the thunder when i cock the cannon switch lanes shit sniff cane blow with no cut we takin them thangz to the vein.

  19. lak Says:

    Sheek’s verse was alright but still the worst on the song. Beans got his ass kicked too. I’d say Sauce, Jada, Jay then Styles

  20. J-Me Says:

    It’s interesting how most people are biased towards their favourite rapper instead of actually judging the best verse. Sheek had a good verse but no one mentions it because he is not popular. Jay’s flow was good but he didn’t have many punchlines or quotables like the over verses.

    My fave lines:
    Sheek: “As I get roasted lookin at Biggie posted on my wall…and kick rhymes to the poster, til I swear BIG move”
    Sauce: “Murder the whole month of April nigga, just to take May off”
    S.P.: “Far as this rap shit, I’m ten steps ahead of niggaz
    Shootin backwards, just for practice”
    Jay: When he switches his flow at: “Big thang, big chains, ain’t shit changed etc…”

    But my overall favourite is:
    Kiss: “Lot of cats still tryin to study my last bounce
    Tell you what, get a beat tape and a half ounce
    They got me where I can’t be without my large gat
    Teflon long sleeve, and my hardhat
    Don’t matter if I’m openin up, or headline
    Doin the speed limit or pushin red lines
    Six months in the county or fed time
    I’ma be the ‘Kiss nigga, until it’s bedtime
    Anything I’m on is a classic, any nigga
    ever had beef with, son is a bastard
    Anytime I spit, spit acid”

  21. Perfect Says:

    Styles P all the way.

  22. Jay Robinson Says:

    Jada’s verse is fire the whole way through–hip-hop quotables.

    “A lotta cats still tryin to study my last bounce/
    Tell you what, get a beat tape and a half ounce.”

  23. K Says:

    Jay’s word play. flow and delivery is the best for this song… made me bring it out the dusty itunes corner!

    What’s fu@%ing with below???

    “Big thangs, thick chains ain’t shit change get brain in the 4.6 range, shit man, switch lanes every town I hit….. uggghhhh….. Nuff said!!!!

  24. Show79 Says:

    Sauce by a wide margin…..crazy quotables. talk about a nigga that sonned Jay everytime they got on the same track

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