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Video: Large Professor Visits Amoeba Music

Large Pro does some digging at Amoeba Music and speaks briefly on his mentor Paul C and what he learned from him about vinyl archeology.

Previously: DJ Qbert Visits Amoeba Music

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14 Responses to “Video: Large Professor Visits Amoeba Music”

  1. &What?! Says:

    Yo London Bloke..

    Do you have a link for Concrete Jungle?

  2. herbal kint Says:

    *daps land*

    whats good? I have been dying to have some new music to listen to and some new charles hamilton, especially if its all like charles hamilton is back, will do just perfectly

  3. &What?! Says:

    Nah no CJ link I was fishing to ask you for it

    Rigz nah ave it, probably only Danielson but in replicating Nah right he also adopted Eskays bogie attitude



    I can’t find that shit anywhere.. I’ma keep looking though. If I find I’ll send.

  4. Ghost Writer Says:

    Okay I’ll check out It’s Charlie Ham….

  5. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    04 – Rakim – Man Above (Feat. Tracey Horton) (Produced By Nottz).mp3
    This is a nice joint…

  6. landlord Says:

    im chillin Herbal… listening to my C.Hamilton collection in anticipation of some more new joints from the rookie of the year … whats been up with you?

  7. Kane Says:

    Eskay I just noticed that your site is successful only because its an ignorant ass place for people to rant.. Your musical taste or concept of what makes good music is totally fucked!!! You have no concept of good music at all.. You have no credibility!!

    Stont adding your opinion to post and just put the news up.. Save the site!!

  8. DJ Willderness Says:

    That Paul Horn “Inside” is lovely…recorded inside the Taj Mahal! Pick that up if you see it.

  9. Upset The Setup Says:

    he found my paul horn record. the sitar flute percussion groove is open for days……

  10. DJ Willderness Says:

    yeah that record is solo flute with no percussion sitar or “groove”


    Extra P is a God. They don’t call him the mad scientist for nothing…TRUST. FLUSHTOWN/CORONA QUEENS.

  12. lemonade was a popular drink and it still is/ i get more stunts and props than bruce willis Says:

    Maaaaan the comments on nahright neverrrrr have anything to do with the topic haha

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