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Jim Jones feat. Maino – Tryna Win


Jim Jones feat. Maino – Tryna Win | Mediafire


Props to Tha Splizzness

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5 Responses to “Jim Jones feat. Maino – Tryna Win”

  1. cOLD Says:

    *wake me when there’s a new Jay Elec post*

  2. SDP Says:


    im done punkin man bear pig for the day

    i’ll be back another time joe..

    until then..

    enjoy your self portrait


  3. J.Diddy Says:

    maino need to ditch jimmy to win

    *waits for news of a shared album titled ‘never saw it coming ‘


  4. chris Says:

    Jimmy face looks like a lightly shaven choch

  5. hustle hard/ thugacation Says:

    tight song… though I did saw it coming

    LOL at J Diddy……..

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