Video: Snoop Talks Business & Branding on CNBC

Snoop talks with CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo at the New York Stock Exchange (where he rang the opening bell) about his brand identity, the strategy he used to break into the music business, his choice to pursue entertainment over the streets, the importance of mentors, social networking and more.

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8 Responses to “Video: Snoop Talks Business & Branding on CNBC”

  1. Deen Says:

    That 50 interview on Hot 97 goes. I felt bad for Jay-Z (who knew that was possible) by the end of it.

  2. Word???!!! Says:

    Lil Chuckee > Jay Elec

  3. Word???!!! Says:

    Nicki Minaj > Jay Elec

  4. Learning From Snoop Dogg Says:

    […] Oh how far has Snoop come. From a youngster involved in petty crime in South Central LA all the way to the one rapper your grandma loves. Jay-Z might be the biggest brand in Hip Hop, but Snoop owns the title of most beloved rapper outside of rap’s audience. Props. Here he is on CNBC talking about the business side of things. Some take away points below, as well as the video. Via Eskay. […]

  5. Brand Snoop « The Shape of Things to Come Says:

    […] Source: Nah Right […]

  6. TROUBLMan Says:

    Snoop is a G. It’s good to see how he’s matured through the years.

  7. Nah Right » Video: Snoop Dogg Interview w/ The WSJ Says:

    […] Previously: Snoop Talks Business & Branding on CNBC […]

  8. transfer123abc123abc Says:

    Ciekawa stronka, Bardzo mi siÄ™ podoba twoja strona.

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