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Video: Maino – Let’s Make A Movie

Premiered on Cinemax last night.

Off his debut album, If Tomorrow Comes, out now.

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10 Responses to “Video: Maino – Let’s Make A Movie”

  1. Carlos Voltron AKA Dixie Normous Says:

    *Reminds self to head out to Perfection sometime in the near future*

  2. rob Says:

    This might just be the worst rap song ever.

  3. cinsere Says:

    ^I wouldn’t know… my shit was on mute

  4. sb Says:

    alot of white girls in this.

  5. fatmanscotter Says:

    HOT VIDEO! Luke warm song…..

  6. Saul Goode Says:

    Let’s make a video at a strip club with no nudity. That should win, right?

  7. BlackDonte Says:

    Video is hott, so is song. Maybe some of you dudes who posted before me are homosexuals and cant appreciate dis shit!!!

  8. Firas Says:

    BlackDonte, 50 Cent outdid this on a home-video budget in funeral music.

    “N—— still makin’ it rain and we off that.”

  9. fatmanscotter Says:


    This song is hot! Really? I bet you coped Curtis new joint and said the same thing! Lame… Strip club video shoot with know exposed tata’s double Lame-OH….You my friend lost.

  10. SoWait Says:

    haha, I like he video – sure more exposed chicks would have been even better but it ain’t like I never seen a naked ho before so what’s the big deal eh? LOL.

    Song is catchy too maybe they will put this on 106andPark so dude could sell some ring tones LOL.

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