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Video: U-God ft. Method Man – Wu-Tang

Off U-God’s Dopium, out now.

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18 Responses to “Video: U-God ft. Method Man – Wu-Tang”

  1. Jersey*made*me Says:

    STDs that don’t hurt r more likely to b forgiven than STDs that do hurt


    I need “I’m So Appauled” in Compact Disk Quality. . .

    Like, NOW.

  3. Sound Verite' Says:

    Okay, U God you doin’ it! yo Meth nice “Git Blunts”? tee (no homo)

  4. Yeah Right Says:

    STDs that don’t hurt r more likely to b forgiven than STDs that do hurt


    *cue’s NBC “The More You Know” graphic*

  5. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    U-God isnt or wasnt (past or present) as bad as ppl make him out to be,he was blessed and cursed by being in the most lyrical rap group ever…ppl said he ruined Wu Tang Forever classic with Shampoo but that song isnt that bad…

  6. Asparaghost Says:

    so 50 flopped?

    Rick Ross’ album is looking a whole lot better now

    *waits for Thisis50 rejects to lay down excuses*

  7. Big_seth Says:

    Wale’s album was under shipped. I had gone to 3 best buys & 4 targets and didn’t see it. & they all told me they sold out.

    I finally copped at FYE… I got the last one.


    So how is it??

  9. budgy Says:

    Yooooo anybnody kno if xxl gon do a freshman issue this year?????????? Don’t look like it. It was a slow year anyways. I’m talking about artist who really had a buzz and put out an album and matianed a buzz from the time of the cover until now.

  10. Big_seth Says:

    good.I listen to it a lot.

    A lot of good jawns on that one. J. Cole ripped his feature & now I’m gonna be checkin for his music more.

    I would say AD is the one of the best albums/ collection of songs from the so called freshman.

  11. Asparaghost Says:

    AD is dope, but underwhelming for Wale standards

    too bad it was undershipped, I know alot of folks who were gonna cop..wonder if they managed to cop theres

    are Major labels tryna cake like Indie labels with the low sales? whats the point of signing of artist if ur gonna undership they album..weak ass interscope smh..

  12. PHENOMENON Says:

    I guess they did not expect Wale to do as well as he did.


  13. PHENOMENON Says:

    Isn’t Wale on RocNation?? I’m not sure.

    I checked the website but there was no information.

  14. PHENOMENON Says:

    Wtf @ RocNation.com

    That sh*t may as well be Jay-Z.com. . . that’s all that’s on there!!

  15. APES IN SPACE Says:

    wale can suck a whale cock he just sounds so lazy and awful his flow is fukin garbage…ps wale just fukin suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks kick rocks

  16. aimee415 Says:

    dope song, thanks for sharing

  17. donkilluminati Says:

    black shampoo was the most amazing joint, people be hatin on when he said ‘bitch, i put my dick on your lips’ fuck that. never one line by any wu member that i didnt like. fuck, i would listen to an album or ol dirt dog mumblin drunk, or singin in the shower, i would listen to wu if they did an opera, its all so real.

  18. Belize Says:

    got blunt?


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