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Video: Diddy Interview w/ Funkmaster Flex (Parts 2 & 3)

In part 2 of Funkmaster Flex’s interview with Diddy, Flex talks a bit to Dirty Money then jumps into how Ma$e going to G-Unit mirrors the situation with Beanie & Curtis.

Hit the jump for Part 3 where Flex brings up Shyne.

Previously: Diddy Talks Ma$e & Black Rob w/ Flex (Video)

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7 Responses to “Video: Diddy Interview w/ Funkmaster Flex (Parts 2 & 3)”

  1. secondbest21 Says:

    i see politics in diddy’s future. nigga answers questions like a seasoned politician. get to the point, nigga. yes or no, shit…

  2. b-ease Says:

    Puff Daddy >>>>

    No homo.

  3. Shawamar Says:


  4. Cen Says:

    Diddy’s a lil rat boy

  5. Body Bag Says:

    Its a marathon not a sprint niggaz im sure 50 will go platinum and yeah that G shit is getting old and all that but bottom line BISD will go platinum worldwide with or without America’s help. Yaw respect this niggaz hustle and all them other cats gettin bread. Besides who else going platinum besides Jigga, Wayne, Em, and Fif hip hop aint dead but the sales are 4 show down life a mofo.
    Only way niggaz is going platinum is off youtube hits aint i dont it gettin better

  6. Lo Wayne Says:

    If they don’t turn that looooong ass, annoying ass intro off that they got playing thru the whole interview, I’m going up to Hot 97 and mushing the producer. Them synths driving me crazy.

  7. lea Says:

    that robotic, futuristic Ross in the background is wrist slittin! DAMN we couldnt get a Dawn session!

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