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Video: Dame Dash Reflects on Rocafella

Spotted @ RR

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25 Responses to “Video: Dame Dash Reflects on Rocafella”

  1. @CiTYBoYChe Says:


  2. steven biko Says:

    the zionist always walk away unscathed. Lyor played them two monkies.

  3. Yeah Right Says:

    It would be cool to see Jay, Dame and Big squash it so they can take another stab at it (because Dame has an ear for talent, better than Jay’s). Unfortunately I think Jay’s too prideful to do that.

  4. B.Payton Says:

    Hindsight is 20:20. As we get older and reflect we do see where things went wrong but in my opinion it’s not about lyor or anyone elses influence, it’s about jay and dame and at least from the outside looking in, it’s about Questionable decisions dame made around that time. “I keep hearing jay say these things.”…. Well I recall dame poppin up in cam’s video when there was a cameo from jj from goodtimes… Knowing anyone for all those years I’m sure you know what type of person they are. If they’re vindictive, and unforgiving or… I digress. My point is you know what type of person they are and you’ve seen first hand on wax (and maybe even off) how they react in defense of their name and loved ones (Don’t forget cam was takin shots at that mans wife) why would u cross the line or even associate with that? if u talkin about loyalty… I knew things were changed for good when I saw dame in that video. We all must take responsibility for our actions. Now look at present day, the mans u rocked wit publicly humiliating your old friend hasn’t reached out in years… But I guess it’s all good cuz he seems to love everyone now so.. Whatever. Just my two cents from someone who grew up admiring both these two. Things fall apart… And for the record.. Beans is wildin. Not fun to watch at all. I don’t like it but I understand. Rocafella 4 Life… Nah.. Right?

  5. nice Says:

    ^^^^^BPayton, I agree 100%

  6. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:


  7. TH Says:

    Eskay you got to comment on that video!!!

  8. PacMan Says:

    Roc A Fella 4 Life…………………

  9. Marcus2000 Says:

    Damn…Dame you still a legend my nigga!!!!! You fought & bled for niggaz and you will forever have my upmost respect for that…


    Dame will be back on top, its just a matter of time.

  11. PHD Says:

    eskay needs to add his 2 cents…

    I used to really like Dame and still do but I side with Jay on this Beans thing…

    get off my lap…

    men need to act like men.

    Lyor acts like a man so he conquers…

    punks get punked.

    No loyalty between black men anyway, Lyor wouldn’t cut the throat of his brethen. But we do it all the time for nothing.

    50 is losing too cause I see Rawse’s big belly bouncing around all over the place, while Ashanti won’t stand less then 3 ft away from Ja on national television.

  12. Kane Says:

    Eskay has nothing to say about Dame looking like he’s damn near close to tears!! HE CANT!! THERE I NO FUCKING PART OF THAT ANYONE CAN COSIGN!!

    I dont care what they say Dame was doing who Jaz O-Jr has shown himself to be is fucked up!!

    Good luck dame!

  13. kAiros Says:


    No subliminal shots.

    A straight Q&A.

    This didn’t have to be a disaster if brothers talked straight from the jump.


    Jay wants to wait months until an album drop to discuss personal shit subliminally on records so that he can make money from it.

    Dame just gets up and gives the people what they want with no ego.

  14. ahh, sweet dude! Says:

    Video: Damon Dash talks about Roc-A-Fella…

    it’s the roc! dame reflects on the history of roc-a-fella, not talking to cam, jim jones’ mass appeal (wat), and jiggaman.

    spotted over at Nah Right.

  15. Cen Says:

    Very interesting…but you can’t trust Dame. He is probably the reason why Roc died.He’s got that Blackroc shit goin’ witch Mos etc. which is “from the heart” style music, but everyone knows that’s just a cover up for his whack reputation. Also, Dame should not be speaking condescendingly on Kanye…if you don’t have the intelligence to understand someone it doesn’t mean that they’re acting.

  16. Neil Says:

    @ KAIROS


  17. Flid-die Says:

    I personally think guys like Suge, Irv & Dame had good intentions. The lived and died for their artist. Went to war for them and did they dirty work. Suge got Snoop off a murder rap for real. Irv stood with Ja WAAAY past his worth. And everyone knows that Jay wouldn’t be Jay WITHOUT Dame. Like there’s no Run without Russell.

    It’s easy for Jay to send shots and Dame now, when you on top (No shots). But all of those “strexcutives” are in a no win because you can’t apply a “street code” business model to a legit business. It doesn’t work. Shit gets all twisted, lines get crossed. It gets crazy. Then “the man” steps in like they did with Jay, Snoop & Dre and makes a deal with the talent (you think Jimmy Ivoine gives a fuck about Dre ask Teddy what happens when the hits dry up) . And all the loyality shit gets curbed for “real business” it’s crazy.

    I ain’t saying Dame is perfect but he burned a lot of bridges fighting for his artist to the point that now HE’S an outcast. Same with Suge. Hope he caked up.

  18. Cen Says:

    based on your first sentence Flid-die, I can tell you’re ignorant as hell.

  19. Belize Says:

    great Q&A

  20. cat Says:

    Dame Dash is talking about other peoples’ failures? Dame Dash? Tell me this is a joke. It’s April 1st right? This guy who produced “Death of a Dynasty” and “Mr. Untouchable,” and did everything to promote Jim Jones (aka Jenny Jones) is talking about Hov? Brother Please.

    Dame Dash is a talentless hack with zero self-awareness. So it’s easy for him to tell the greatest rapper of all time that he should have stopped rapping at a certain point — a point after which the rapper has dropped a whopping 8 number 1 albums … (yes losers — Jay has dropped 8 no. 1 albums AFTER the Blueprint).

    Dame, if you’re reading this — here’s the scoop. You appeared in a video called “Wet Wipes” by Camron. The entire video was a Jay-Z diss. They even made a tranny play the Beyonce look-alike. And in that video, Dame is seen winking knowingly at the camera (while JJ Evans — the “ugly” Jay-Z look alike is sitting behind him).

    So after that video, anything Jay did to Dame was perfectly fair game in my book. But Jay being the smart guy he is didn’t do anything. He didn’t have to 9/11 them. They did it to themselves.

    Here’s the score.
    – Dame Dash: Broke. Lost mogul status after a string of failures. All he does any more is bitch about Jay-Z and try to make another Hov with Jim Jones (aka Jenny Jones). Hasn’t spoken to childhood friend Camron in 3 years.

    – Jim Jones (aka Jenny Jones): Broke. Has had one song hit in his entire life. Byrd Gang is a failure. Pray 4 Reign was a failure. Can’t rap to save his ass. Broken up with Camron. Makes garbage Autotune music.

    – Camron: Broke. Failed rapper. Generates a meager income from a couple of seedy strip clubs he owns in the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas. Garbage human being. Beef with everybody. Thinks he owns “Dipset” and that makes him a mogul or something.

    Looks like Jay won.

    I can’t wait for Dame Dash’s new projects to fizzle. I want to see that guy choke on himself.

    Dame Dash’s extended record:
    CEO Clothing = FAIL
    Dash Dibella Boxing Promotions = FAIL
    America Magazine = FAIL
    Block Savvy = FAIL
    ProKeds = FAIL
    Dash Films = FAIL
    Ultimate Hustler = FAIL
    Tiret Watches = FAIL
    Armadale Vodka = FAIL
    Rachel Roy = FAIL

  21. cat Says:

    One more:

    Roc Box (Dame Dash’s mp3 player) = FAIL

  22. Flid-die Says:

    @ Cat Wow, you went in can’t argure with the facts. But I can’t fault the nigga for TRYING. How many do that, even?

    @ Cen I was gon’ say fuck you. But what’s the point. Obvoiusly you didn’t read everything I wrote. And are judging those guys on public perception. And that your right. But it took a lot to make Jay, Snoop, Dre, Ja etc stars. And it wasn’t just talent.

    My point was they had good intentions in BELIEVING in those artist when no one else did. (You do know EVERYONE passed on Jay until Dame came along incl DJ? Ok, cool) and doing what ever it took to get them to the point that the Cohens, Iovines etc, would pay attention.

  23. YBE Says:

    this dude is a clown… period

  24. Nah Right » Video: Dame Dash Talks Money Says:

    […] Previously: Dame Dash Reflects on Rocafella […]

  25. Jay Robinson Says:

    Hard to believe Dame cuz I remember those videos he was in, too, when he was laughing while Jimmy dissed Jay.

    But I like his new attitude, genuine or not.

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