We Are Young Money Tracklist


Rap-Up got the tracklist for the Young Money half of the Rebirth/We Are Young Money double disc release, set for December 15th.

Roster includes Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Jae Millz, Shanell, Lil Chuckee, and Lil Twist.

1. “Bedrock” (feat. Lloyd)
2. “New Shit”
3. “Pass Me the Dutch”
4. “Wifebeater”
5. “Fuck the Bullshit” (feat. Birdman)
6. “Ms. Parker”
7. “Target”
8. “Sacrifice”
9. “Every Girl”
10. “She Is Gone” (feat. Pleasure P)
11. “Girl I Got You”
12. “Gooder”
13. “Roger That”
14. “Steady Mobbin’” (feat. Gucci Mane)

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25 Responses to “We Are Young Money Tracklist”

  1. Beezy Says:

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    ^call your congressman

  2. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    TheCo!!inB Says:

    November 17th, 2009 at 3:53 pm
    I miss house parties that stank up the living room all to be damned, but I don’t miss watchin the shorty you really like getting the biz from an older nigga and you just stand there and watch hoping the tears don’t fall from your eyes.


    a lot of dudes used to hate this, see a young ninja at the end of a school day get in the car with a college cat or locat d’ rug dealer and they just peal off and u get in the yellow school bus

  3. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:




    Eskay still got D’rug dealer name banned, boy who ever was here rmbr them days, that was classic nahright, eskay gave that ninja his real address and was outside in younkers waiting on him with a baseball bat

  4. OriginaL Says:

    4. “Wifebeater”

    (Feat. Chris Brown on the hook)

  5. LilWayneHQ Says:

    A few old tracks on there, but looks good.

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    I miss when you used to look forward to a Drag On verse.

  7. Premier Says:

    Most of this looks like songs for the radio

  8. Blackie Onassis Says:

    i miss when the hiphop consited of only almost all new york rappers and a few niggas from philly …

    i miss when there was no lil waynes and no shawty lows and no soulja boys

  9. farsideoff Says:

    “Girl I Got You (In a Chokehold) (Chris Brown Remix)”

  10. TheCo!!inB Says:

    I miss being fucked the fuck up on new years eve with my ex and calling all the girls I was involved with outside of her to wish them a happy drunk new year.

  11. b-ease Says:

    Damn…couldnt get the sample cleared for “My Darlin Baby” huh?

  12. GMLLZ Says:

    I swear I’ve never seen at least 4 of those cats ever before…

  13. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    I miss when running trains on broads wasn’t so shameful

  14. TheCo!!inB Says:

    I miss when getting a shorty’s math was the equivalent to doing it.

  15. Da PartyStarter Says:

    I miss walkin’ the tunnels, taggin’, hangin’ by one arm to put my name in a crazy place, and stealing cans of krylon before they locked them up behind the counter

  16. I Fux Says:

    *is 22 year old fux*

    *rolls up to high school picks up 4 senior girls all between 17 and 18*

    *takes them to the telly*

    *smokes some dro and drinks Hypno with the chicks*

    *menages plus 1*

    *young girls eat each other out*


    *daps all*

  17. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    November 17th, 2009 at 4:08 pm
    I miss when running trains on broads wasn’t so shameful


    it nvr bothered me until i read makes me wanna holler, whats worse is when you see some of them years later..

  18. Los Says:

    your whole clique looks mad suspect

  19. StunnaT Says:

    why does everyone need some sort of glasses

  20. rebelconsciousness. Says:

    smh, a group of weirdo’s and a gay guy.

  21. rich Says:

    gucci needs one more verse on steady mobbin

  22. bLUEPRINTs Says:


  23. TH Says:

    “why does everyone need some sort of glasses” LOL, damn you took my comment.

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