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Video: Wyclef Interview w/ Boss Lady

Boss Lady catches up with Clef for DRJays.com.

Previously: Wyclef Jean – Streets Pronounce Me Dead (Video)

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11 Responses to “Video: Wyclef Interview w/ Boss Lady”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    I know Wale can do better then 9000. I dont really listen to Wale but hes not a terrible rapper. Hes ok, i can think of a lot worse than him.

  2. Mr. Damn, He Ain't Coppin' That, Is He? Says:

    *chea remix*

    that new prius fly
    outside of subway
    eating turkey on wheat
    holla at your father
    i’m back by popular demand

  3. Smoke Greene Says:

    Poor singles sunk Wale.

    If he woulda came out the gate with World Tour, followed by Pretty Girls, it woulda been a different look.

    Instead he pandered to the crossover demo with Chillin and got ignored. Then after he strikes out with top 40 he tries to go urban getting Gucci on Pretty Girls?

    nah homie, it don’t work like that.

  4. KingPoetic Says:

    # Joe 88 Says:
    November 17th, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    it’s not all is fair in the love and the entertainment industry.

    That shit is really fucked up

    ^You do know Ross started it with bringing the kids in this right? 50 just got the funds to take it to the next level.

    You don’t go to war unless you got your money right


    Yeah. But again, it’s deeper than rap. That analogy applies to two things: love and war. Rap is neither. Ross is wrong, 50’s wrong. 50 been “won”, although this cements it. This kids gonna grow up and chris benoit on some what the fuck is family shit.

  5. Mr. Damn, He Ain't Coppin' That, Is He? Says:

    chip absolutely merked the song on cudi’s album. he’s the next to blow (i.e. the next to do almost 10,000 or so)

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Pretty Girls woulda been a great lead single. It sticks with his areas sound and it’s for women. Wale had to dumb down over that garbage ass beat and work that single for 4 months. The nigga is still nice imo, just a poor choice to lead an album.

  7. Smoke Greene Says:

    Hyyer >>>

    Chip got his Krayzie Bone on.

  8. Mr. Damn, He Ain't Coppin' That, Is He? Says:

    i’ve been saying since day 1 that it is impossible for wale to do numbers

    two months ago i said right here in the comments that if he does numbers, i will post my testes on NR

    i reiterated that sentiment over and over

    bottom line, anyone who was biting their fingernails waiting for him to do #s, kill yourself. the TI’s know the business, that’s why he got released during tax write-off season

    RIP his record deal, RIP ronson as a creidble manager

    maybe if he promises 90% of his profits, G and Tez will actually build a decent following for this cat (like they did for drake)

    no shots and no hate – his 9th wonder mixtape made me a believer in his skills but not a believer in his ability to resonate with enuf fans

    he is now stuck-in-limbo-status (c) kidz in the hall

    wale, welcome to purgatory my brother

  9. Smoke Greene Says:

    I think Wrld Tour has more crossover appeal then Pretty Girls, hence it being my choice for first single, but Pretty Girls ain’t bad at all. At least the DMV would’ve stood up for hoim.

  10. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Ronson put together a good album though which is all I would expect him to do.

  11. Don Garcia Says:

    wyclef is so ridiculous
    he is so poud that of every pair which is sold there will be 2 dollars going back to his foundation!?!
    TWO f*cking dollars! how much costs a pair of them? 170?!?!?!

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