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Video: Fashawn Interview & Freestyle w/ GregTheDude x Yourstru.ly

A quick interview and a capella with Fash for yourstru.ly.

Previously: Fashawn – Boy Meets World Intro & Freedom Live @ Album Release Show (Video)

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4 Responses to “Video: Fashawn Interview & Freestyle w/ GregTheDude x Yourstru.ly”

  1. Beezy Says:

    1) Was dude a douchebag in school? What I mean is, are you surprised to see him caught up in this type of thing, or was it inevitable.

    2) The white chick in the pic with him is kinda phat.

    ^I actually am kind of suprised…he was a sharp dude…hard working. Probably a little too smart for his own good. I’ve read through the whole lawsuit by the SEC, and it seems like it was a scam from the beginning. I intially assumed that things went bad and he started cutting corners to avoid having his company fail. But it seems he was just a bad egg.

    The chick is actually his gf, whom I’ve met. She is not very attractive. Body-wise, probably smashable. But overall, ehhh.

  2. b-ease Says:

    and it seems like it was a scam from the beginning.

    Yeah, that’s how it read to me dude.

  3. Beezy Says:

    he just got some type of award from the Clinton Global Initiative in September

    you gotta feel like an ass getting awards when you know your enterprise and essentially your whole life is fabricated

  4. Daily Drug Says:

    *Ponzi’s it up*

    *Madoff with millions*

    waka waka waka bitches

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