Video: Ras Kass – Amzin

The Quarterly album available 11/23.

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9 Responses to “Video: Ras Kass – Amzin”

  1. NationHater Says:

    finally something better than that crap nation has been posting — bring back the old nahright

  2. Nate Goodness Says:

    did he say getting jerked off by lady gaga. no lotion?

  3. kid video Says:

    I been a fan since “Soul on Ice” remix…

    His record label really fucked him over.

  4. spirit equality Says:

    “i got men who’ll jump on grenades, in grenada/grinning like it’s nada”

    wish the whole song had word play like that. he used to lace every bar with play-on-words back in the soul on ice days.

    still a top notch spitter. salute.

  5. Joe Canadian Says:

    Stop Posting Garbage from Canada you DOUCHE, our music sucks [.]

  6. Joe Canadian Says:


  7. Joe Canadian Says:

    This song is decent, but not “Amazing”

  8. IN_SITE Says:


  9. Pmac Says:

    I’m in this video haha. fun day of filming

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