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Video: Charles Hamilton Is Back

Footage of the making of the billboard REVOK did for Charles Hamilton.

Directed by Keegan Gibbs. Spotted at Pigeons and Planes.

Related: REVOK Gets Nabbed In Australia Thanks To Twitter [Unkut]

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56 Responses to “Video: Charles Hamilton Is Back”

  1. shanetron Says:

    i preferred when this had no comments.

  2. Joe Canadian Says:

    NATION Stop Posting Garbage from Canada you DOUCHE, our music sucks [.]

  3. Daily Drug Says:

    *plays video*

    *starts to grasp concept*

  4. land Says:

    Smoke Greene Says:

    November 16th, 2009 at 11:41 pm
    Lol at “as one”….I laugh when I hear that song…them niggas sounded terrible….didnt they introduce their names at the beginning of their verse…”its neef buck”….LMAO…
    I think Hov coulda tackled that Earth, Wind & Fire jack for dolo but there was way too many niggas on that track lol.


    true…Hov should have went in alone cause that “Fantasy” loop was ferocious … i aint even worry about how many niggas cluttered it …

  5. Daily Drug Says:

    LF: 5 guys is too crack

  6. g7 Says:

    seemed like just yesterday C-Ham had nah on lock. now….not so much

  7. why? Says:

    I just found out that the Glow In The Dark Tour Book features a CD with instrumentals of songs from the tour. Anybody have it?

  8. Daily Drug Says:

    jets nigga, where havent we been yet

    ….Im on random mode

  9. Daily Drug Says:

    *logs off*

  10. land Says:

    CharlesHamilton Is Back?

    back from where?

    sheeit… i never stopped playing his joints …

    my 3 disc best of charles hamilton collection > this year’s 3 best lps ….

  11. land Says:

    g7 Says:

    November 17th, 2009 at 12:05 am
    seemed like just yesterday C-Ham had nah on lock.


    and Me, Ty and Big Homie were the keymasters …

  12. Frank Says:

    I never listened to dude. Am I missing anything?

  13. land Says:

    and im still waving the flag… i ont know about the other 2 …

  14. Confusion Says:

    Thanks for the link! It’s sick to see P&P mentioned at NR. This is one of the sites that got me into blogging in the first place. Appreciate it.

  15. land Says:

    and i made Fedoras cool in 09…

    me nigga …. me …

    ask Joe88 and Plug …

  16. PHENOMENON Says:

    Have you ever been like:

    “I know this b*tch is ugly but she looks fine.”

    you know that she is not the best looking person but for some reason you WANT her??

  17. devond Says:

    charly ham is BACK man i cant wait

  18. baby jesus Says:

    me nigga …. me …


  19. seafood lover Says:

    this nigga eskay got curtis adds….no payola huh esko?

  20. Tijuana Felix Says:

    Have you ever been like:

    “I know this b*tch is ugly but she looks fine.”

    you know that she is not the best looking person but for some reason you WANT her??

    its called the X-FACTOR i know exactly what your talking about…

    *proceeds to lurk for another 6 months*

  21. land Says:

    devond Says:

    November 17th, 2009 at 12:15 am
    charly ham is BACK man i cant wait


    and the verse he spat over this clip, sounds like he’s back on his a-game… not the half-hearted, off the top sounding stuff he was rhyming on his last couple of mixtapes

  22. land Says:

    Have you ever been like:

    “I know this b*tch is ugly but she looks fine.”


    (c)Fantasia Barrino…

    in fact, i really believe she is fine, but everyone i know laughs at me for feeling her … but i dont think i have a problem …

    i think all you niggas is blind …

  23. nation Says:

    land, moderated

  24. 40 Inc Says:

    WHY?! eh….

  25. nation Says:

    actually land, i got some news abotu Chuck last month that’ll make you go ham…

  26. baby jesus Says:

    Have you ever been like:

    “I know this b*tch is ugly but she looks fine.”

    shit is 2 real. pretty, ugly bitches. bitch is ugly yet bad at the same exact time.

  27. baby jesus Says:

    gapped tooth bitches>>

  28. land Says:

    *daps nation*

    whaddup with Hamilton?

    *cosigns gap-toothed broads*

  29. nation Says:

    >> *cosigns gap-toothed broads*

    Tia Kemp

    lemme get my sources in order

  30. Vilens Says:

    I thhinik this is my frist nahright comment simply because i wanted to say

    F*** Chuck

    don’t use dilla’s name without ma dukes.

  31. nation Says:

    according to a source very close to Charles Hamilton (last month) :

    there was supposed to be a a mixtape dropping a few weeks ago
    he was finishing the album for resubmission
    he’s still on Interscope
    he has recorded several hundred new songs
    he’s still spitting and the new shit sounds better than that last batch

    you didn’t hear this from me though. hopefully MTV won’t quote me on this

  32. dizzle Says:

    I heard from a few people at Interscope that he was dropped for sure. They all started laughing about it when I asked them what happened. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time that Charles, or somebody in his camp, has lied about something

  33. kyo Says:

    good thing this clown is back…getting boring seeing joey rack up all the Ls for 09 by himself

  34. nation Says:

    very reliable source. he’s not in Chuck’s camp but I see what you’re saying

  35. 45% Says:

    It’s Charles Hamilton >>>

  36. Fe'Jerian Jenkins aka Greazy Spoon Says:


  37. Captain Planet Says:

    What do 50’s first week numbers look like?

  38. 40 Inc Says:


    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!

  39. 40 Inc Says:

    sorry dragon ball z joke

  40. nation Says:

    >> ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!


  41. Juice Says:

    haha @ 40 Inc, I remember that shit, still funny

  42. Nanyanen Says:

    Bout time this guy crawled out his cave in the Green Hill Zone.

  43. rebel2society Says:

    Can we get some new music from this dude already? I don’t want to hear about anything except the music lol that’s how we got here n the first place!

  44. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:


  45. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:


  46. LondonBloke: Internahtional Man of Mystery Says:


  47. james dean Says:

    i mean good for him…..i think he made to much music at one point…remember he started dropping like a mixtape every day for like a week?? i still haven’t listened to like two of them…

    but uhhh SUPERNATURAL VACATION is still that isssshh

  48. Come On? Says:

    yo why’d revok do a billboard for this wack ass nigga? can someone please tell me why? these wack ass nigga.. he had to pay revok $20,000

  49. spirit equality Says:

    LF: 5 guys is too crack

    ^ ^ ayo!

  50. spirit equality Says:

    back from where?

    ^ ^ back from getting dropped off interscope?

    i don’t think he’s back till he gets some distribution. unless they mean back to being unsigned. which i don’t think necessarily deserves a billboard.

  51. rebelconsciouness. Says:

    wow, perfect promotion

  52. swat Says:

    yeah that shit is up !!!!!!!! i was there when he was doing that piece

  53. Sb 562 Says:

    he didnt pay no fucking 20K u outta your mind but if what nation says is right i cannot fucking wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. the down south underground nigga Says:

    hi ch haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the full mp3 is here:

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