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Jim Jones – Hit Em Up


This is on DJ Kay Slay’s Blockstars Pt. 2 mixtape but it’s also off of Jim’s Ghost of Rich Porter mixtape, coming soon.

Jim Jones ft. Mel Matrix & NOE – Hit Em Up | Mediafire


“What’s popping 5? You can’t stop it 5” – Jimmy

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5 Responses to “Jim Jones – Hit Em Up”

  1. Mr p Says:

    Y’all got 50 on ya page?After all dem jokes and insults? I guess every one had their price. lol

  2. PsicoMagia Says:

    think nigs sleepin on Mel matrix… think he the bes out allof em..

  3. Belize Says:

    that may be the nicest jim verse since 4ever

  4. Stevie Fresh Says:

    jones verse was kinda dope

    but mel is sweet, he had the best song on the last jones cd “pop off”

  5. Ferris Bueller Says:

    who the fuck is rapping at the end of this joint????

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