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JD Era – Friday The 13th


A day early. Artwork by Heinz.

JD Era – Friday The 13th (prod. Beat Merchant)

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5 Responses to “JD Era – Friday The 13th”


    Terrel Owens loves you too.

  2. ta-ta Says:

    Yo this shit go hardddddddd! This one of Drizzy’s atf niggaz! He got some serious backup. damn.

  3. woop Says:

    Holy shit! This track is gross!

  4. necro the pornking Says:

    This guy went to my university… i remember seeing him when i was in firstyear saying this guy BLOWS… but no one bats 1000

  5. BlackTy Says:

    Laurier Stand Up! lol

    loving the artwork Ketchup King

    Track is Tabasco…nah nah, its that homemade pepper sauce your aunt dawn makes and bottles herself


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