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Video: B.G. Speaks On His Gun Possession Charge

via MTV

This week, B.G. saw his friend Lil Boosie sent to jail after violating probation on a gun charge. His former Hot Boys bandmate Lil Wayne is expected to be sentenced to a year in prison for gun possession too. And last week, B.G. himself was charged with illegal gun possession in New Orleans.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, B.G. was arrested after he and his friends were pulled over for a traffic violation and allegedly found three guns, two of which were stolen. Despite seeing his friends catch less-than-favorable breaks in their cases, B.G. says he is not dwelling on the possible outcome of his own case.

“I know what comes behind what I do, I know the consequences and repercussions of what comes behind it. Where I’m from, it’s just like, that first draw is a muthafucka, the bullets raining out the sky. It’s like that for real. It’s a murder capital. They dropping like flies. I stay in the suburbs. All my neighbors are white and football players and doctors and dentists. I lay my head there, but when I get up in the morning, I gotta go to the projects and get some grits and cheese and sausage and toast. It’s just something about that ‘hood. I wanna post up and sit on the porch and get my hair braided. I’m just ‘hood. The same way I came in the game is the same way I’m going out. I just can’t see it no other way. I don’t care if I sell 10 million, 20 million, 30 million.”

But B.G. is also feeling optimistic. “My lawyers told me, don’t worry about nothing, they got it,” he said. “They gonna take care of it. The police report was written up real, real bad, so I feel good about it.”

The 29-year-old’s latest LP, Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood will be released on December 8. The record was supposed to drop almost two years ago, but it took Gizzle a while to get on the same page with Atlantic Records. The project will now come via a joint venture with Atlantic, E1 Music and B.G.’s own Chopper City Records. B.G. will be a free agent once the project lands. He says 75 percent of the music is new.

“I got the bonus tracks that was on there back then, featuring [Young] Jeezy and T.I.,” he said. “I got Young Buck, C-Murder, Soulja Slim, Lil Boosie on there. I got production from Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch, KLC, Cool and Dre, Bass Heavy — the album is sick. I got a song called ‘Yeah’ on there. That’s my favorite song. It’s about me, it’s about you. It’s really just, ‘Stay out my business and let me do me. If you look at me too long while I’m doing me, you might get something done to you.’ ”

Other collaborators on the LP include Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, Juvenile, Trey Songz and the Justice League.

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11 Responses to “Video: B.G. Speaks On His Gun Possession Charge”

  1. J Dela Says:

    them some funny lookin cornrows

  2. PG-DC Says:


  3. Marcus Robinson Says:

    U talking a lil toooo much B. Gizzle…slow up brah B4 these crackaz try to Max B your ass homie. Get Baby & Grand Hustle to help with the lawyers and let the Jew ass crackaz talk for you homie…One Hundred!!!

  4. BARPAN Says:

    “what kinda nig kno what doin bad.. is…”


    Damn, this shit ain’t even funny anymore. The South needs more weedcarriers.

  6. Jomoses Says:

    smh @ niggas still saying “cornrows”….

  7. ko Says:

    “cant be worse than if i get caught with anotha heater”

  8. J Dela Says:

    smh @ niggas still saying “cornrows”….


    oh, you off dat?

    bless me wit the new slang, dun

  9. Envius Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh **BG voice**

  10. uristocrat Says:

    i didnt even know bg still existed.. damn..

  11. K504 Says:

    BG is too old for all that foolishness. If he was given an opportunity for a way out of the hood, then he should show others the way out and NOT by going back to the hood and doing the same things that will put him back in the hood permanantly. SMH at these niggaz who don’t know the meaning of OFF THAT. They can say what they want about JAY Z he is a perfect example to getting out of the hood and staying out. On another note, BG has so many convictions he is lucky they haven’t LOST HIS AZZ (as they say in the N.O). Also he should take into account that we have a new DA and he is convicting niggaz left and right. GET IT TOGETHER BG BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GIFT THAT CAN MOVE YOU AHEAD OF MANY.

    IM OUT!

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