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Video: Omarion feat. Gucci Mane – I Get It In

Below are a few No DJs jawns from Gucci’s Writing on the Wall mixtape.

Gucci Mane – Goin’ In (Produced by Fat Boi)

Gucci Mane – Hurry (Produced by Fat Boi)

Props to OnSMASH

Bonus: Gucci Mane – Ice on Me [via DGB]

Gucci Mane’s The State vs. Radric Davis drops DecemBURR 8th.

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15 Responses to “Video: Omarion feat. Gucci Mane – I Get It In”

  1. Voltron aka Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape and let it fall! Says:


  2. GLITCH Says:


  3. up yours (no homo) Says:

    I lost respect for both joey and fab. These were two great rapper but lost their minds when they got hooked on the internet

  4. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Omarion feat Gucci Mane – I Burr! It In


  5. Lelan Says:

    ^ u guys stole that from me!!!

    Before charles left. everday i would post this perfect life. Then shortly after yall developed ECSTATIC.

    Nate will vouch 4 me




  6. up yours (no homo) Says:

    One’s a camera whore and the next is a texting gangsta…smh @ the game right now

  7. up yours (no homo) Says:

    This video is hard

  8. nation Says:

    >> Nate will vouch 4 me

    no i won’t

    if anything, chea started that with LASERS or whatever Lu’s album was called before that

    LUUPPPEEEEENNDD doesn’t sound right…

  9. nation Says:

    and even before that, Two-Times would just spam “Curtis” (the album, not the man’s name, although i have my doubts)

  10. Tong Po Flo Says:


    ^ Briana is dat chu???

  11. Lelan Says:

    Well DAMN

  12. J Dela Says:

    this is the same song and video as “i can transform ya”

    so i guess it proves without a doubt that gucci > wayne

  13. stotle Says:

    hip hop has become a goddamn burr-eacracy

  14. Carlton "Inertia" Wilson Says:

    Damn that shit what hot. The beat, the vocals, the video, the dancing. Everything. Tight work.

  15. THE Original Rhythm Says:

    Nation Ima Need U 2 stop sayin Decem BURR b shit is played out like sprewells

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